Fatal Bug Prevents Players from Achieving 100% in Hogwarts Legacy – No Easy Solution

Some gamers in Hogwarts Legacy is refuted completion of the game-and therefore also the equivalent one hundred percent trophy if the goal was to sack them.
There are a few individual services, but the insect itself is not yet fixed.
If you wish to finish Hogwarts Tradition with 100 %, you can be visited a bug.
Although this blunder does not seem to impact the wonderful mass of the gamers, it is still common: it makes sure that you lack a few experience points for the last level and also thus the last ability factor.

HOGWARTS TRADITION: pest safeguards players their 100 percent trophy

On Reddit and Heavy steam, some unfortunate gamers explain a blunder in Hogwarts Tradition, which rejects them the last Achievements.


As Cacophonous_euphoria notes on Reddit, he has actually already met all difficulties and also quests in the video game, however he still lacks some experiences indicate accomplish level 40 (Resource: Reddit).
It is additionally defined that these experience points can not be acquired with various other tasks.

Battles in fields, defeats of specific adversaries or catching animals just offer players experience factors if the particular obstacle is still active for this.
So if all difficulties as well as missions are met, you would certainly have to be automatically level 40.
Checking out suggestion
Hogwarts Tradition: Several gamers neglect this magic-so they are stuck
Gregor Helmholtz
Which insect lags the problem is not understood.
Maybe there are also different bugs.
On Vapor, player Hans ha creates, for instance, that a particular quest was not counted by the system, although it had actually time out of mind been completed.
By speaking with the individual of the quest again, he was able to get to level 40 (source: Heavy steam).
Apparently this tip does not assist everybody.
The bug has actually currently been submitted to the designers, but is still being processed.
If you have similar troubles and also don’t help anything else, after that you will only have the possibility to wait on the upcoming bug fix.
Hogwarts Tradition was published on February 10, 2023, for PS5, Xbox Collection and for the PC.
The video game for PS4 and also Xbox One will show up on April fourth.
Nintendo Switch players need to wait the longest for the launch, due to the fact that it is only intended for July 25, 2023.