World of warcraft

0.7 Patch 10.0.7 Release Candidate Build 48439 – Hunter Changes – News


Beast Proficiency

Sends your animal right into a craze, raising assault speed by 30% for 8 sec, piling up to 3 times.
Eliminate Command -Offer the command to kill, triggering your pet to savagely deal [196% 173% of Attack Power] Physical damage to the adversary.
Cobra Shot’s damage enhanced by 50%. Doesn’t put on PVP.
Kill Cleave -While Beast Cleave is active, Eliminate Command now additionally strikes close-by enemies for 50% 60% of damages dealt.

  • Piercing Fangs is now 40% effective in PVP combat.


Take a look at the Hunter changes that went real-time in the first 10.0.7 Launch Prospect construct this week.