NIS America Announces Crymachina: RPG Action Coming to PlayStation 4, 5 & Nintendo Switch in Fall 2023

Fury Corporation Associate in Ni’s America to announce the upcoming release of Crymachina.
The action-RPG should see the light of day in the current of Autumn 2023 and will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.
Crymachina’s herself takes place in a world where human and has been reduced to nothing for several millennia.
A group of beings endowed with artificial drinking named Shinji has the role of being the redeemer of the human race.
It is in this context that players accompany Eben, Minot and Friend, three synthetic bodies in which a human conscience was installed.
While helping them in their search for their own humanity, you will have to explore the EDEN expanses to discover the secrets that are hidden behind the Respect Human.
To achieve your ends, you will have to defeat anyone who will cross your path and will sedate you.
The game offers the possibility of adapting its combat style, especially with a varied arsenal.
Improving your equipment will also add powerful effects and thus easily overcome your enemies.


Characteristics of Crymachina