Ranking Analysis of 32 teams from all over the world competing for the best place.

■ t Position-‘ Valorant’ regained as a global e-sport, recaptured fifth area

◎ ‘Valorant’, which leaps to active e-sports, and fifth place in Lost Arc
– Riot Gaming’ FPS ‘Valorant’, which lately finished the worldwide e-sports competitors ‘SECURE// in’, has been successful in regaining fifth area by surpassing MMORPG ‘Shed Arc’.
In LOCK// In, where 32 teams worldwide played the greatest position, Europe’s prominent King Ho Fanatic won the throne, and also amongst the residential groups, DRX vomited the semi-finals, however sadly ended up in the semifinals.


Valorant, which is proactively taken part in international e-sports, intends to perform the 2023 Valorant Champions, which is similar to the Rolled Cup in Los Angeles in August.

◎ ‘Destiny Guardians’, which rebounded with expansion packs, individual analysis…
– The just recently growth pack ‘Destiny Guardians’, which presented the expansion pack ‘Fall of Light’, ranked 42nd, up 6 steps from last week.
After the development pack, customer data in the vapor also show even more than 200,000 people, however the response of individuals is not uncommon.
Presently, the heavy steam examination of the fall DLC is usually adverse with 4166 evaluations, and the meta critical individual rating is additionally at 3.1.
Existing customers who are dissatisfied with the expansion pack typically mention stories, repeated content, and also puck removal.

◎ New previous work effect, ‘Sword’ 5 actions increasing
-N exon’s action RPG ‘Sword’, which added 4 new jobs for Noah, remained in 27th place, up 5 steps.
The video game will certainly give items such as personality port expansion cards to customers that will certainly be attached until March 9, and will certainly play Noah 4 Lines by 16th as well as pay up to 20,000 Nixon Cash money to new/return individuals that have finished their task as Morris.
Meanwhile, Sword upgraded the brand-new job and story quests and also launched the style tune sung by the lady group ‘Oh My Woman’.

■ Domestic PC room ranking-March 1 PC room regular record

◎ Early gain access to version ‘Suns of the Forest’, 190,000 individuals.
– Also though it was released in very early access, the sequel to the initial week of 400,000 individuals, the follow-up to the first week, revealed a reasonably high individual separation of up to 190,000 individuals this week.
Thanks to the appeal of the previous work, it has actually been effective in getting high attention, but it is assessed that the quantity of material as well as tale is not compared to the huge map.
Naturally, it is still in the middle of Vapor Data, which is still 190,000, yet if additional updates are not made swiftly, the user departure may not be much more increased.

◎ ‘Ultimate Premium Hamburger’ Wind, ‘Blue Archive’ One Store 3rd area.
– Blue Archive, which has actually been teaming up with quick food brand name Frank Hamburger given that the 28th, has actually ranked one-store sales, which has actually increased from last week.
The ideas that partner with the hamburger brand name behind-the-scenes of the ‘Exquisite Research Society’ in the game reveal good feedback in the area.
In addition to the card, a promo code that pays various in-game items is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

■ Vapor game pattern of this week.

◎ Global FPS ‘CS: GO’, which has been liked for decades, is brand-new?
– FPS ‘CS: GO’, which has been gradually on top of Steam statistics over the previous couple of years, has been restoring the greatest variety of individuals over the last few years.
The initial part of the video game, which exceeded 1.3 million people for the very first time in April 2020, gradually decreased, and also in February of this year, it started to exceed 1.3 million.
The 1.37 million individuals taped last weekend have led to their very own records.

Recently, international foreign media, including Euro Gamers and Desert, are concentrating on rumors that the sequel to Counter Strike: Global Appendix could quickly be launched.
Report begins with the names ‘CSGOS2.EXE’ and ‘CS2.exe’ in the most current NVIDIA graphics motorist documents, as well as the existence of CS: GO2 has actually emerged over the surface, and also ever since, FPS professional press reporter Richard Lewis.
The shapes were additional disclosed by the report.
According to the news of abroad media quotes, the follow-up to the counter strikes will certainly utilize the Source 2 engine, as well as a kind of beta test will certainly be performed at the end of March.

◎ Odin stated ‘war with prohibited programs’, third area in App Shop sales.
– This recent controversy over illegal programs, Odin: Valor Rising’s Google sales, which have actually been measles, have been placed 2nd since March 5.
At the end of February, the influenza of the influencer disclosed a variety of nuclear programs used in ‘Odin’, such as video game speed nucleus and ability nucleus.
At the same time, sales in the Apple Application Store, which were 5th in last week, increased a little on the 5th and resolved in third location.

◎ Use PC rooms on March 1, appear 20 million hrs, 7.4% ↑ contrasted to recently
– Computer Space Game Data Solution The Week 1 computer area usage time was 20.1 million hours, which was 7.4% compared to recently and also 5% contrasted to the previous month.
The weekly usage rate of PC spaces was 16.4% on weekdays as well as 21% on weekends, with approximately 17.7%.

◎ Today’s Steam Pattern Game-‘ Varying: Fallen Dynasty’.
– The game on top of this week’s Vapor DB-based fad indication was revealed as Joe Techno’s brand-new action video game ‘Varying: Fallen Dynasty’.
Given that its launch, it has recorded the greatest cluster of as much as 75,000 people, and now regarding 20,000 players have actually enjoyed the game.
Although it is at the top of the pattern indicator, the PC version played with Steam is not excellent because of the lack of optimization.
Considering that there are greater than 9,000 evaluations, it is advised to play the game by awaiting the spot or using the console.

■ Residential mobile video game ranking.

◎ Still more powerful ‘Diablo 3’ use time increases 81.8%.
– The PC room usage time of ‘Diablo 3’, which raised the return users to the brand-new period, raised 81.8% compared to the previous week.

As it has been on the surge considering that recently, the ranking has actually also climbed in the 17th area, climbing four steps.
In enhancement to the beginning of the new season, the acclaim of the added structure system appears to contribute to the ranking.

■ Stock Popular Video Game Voting.

If the report is discovered to be true, the sequel to the game with the most concurrent individuals in Steam, which is likely to bring large blue to the global FPS market.
Additionally, it will certainly deserve to note what will certainly occur to the user of the existing video game, which already preserves greater than 1.37 million individuals.