Destiny Guardians: Journey Through the Fall of Light on March 1st

The collection of package from the box is ▲ all lights as well as yearly pass material ▲ Falling digital soundtrack of light ▲ 20 cm coca with LED illumination and stand ▲ Sun bong Understanding Collection ▲ Gala’s letter
Guardians: The loss of light is included.

Destiny Guardians’ most recent development pack ‘Destiny Guardians: Autumn of Light’ was released on March 1.

All the items were special, yet directly, the high quality of the collection of knowledge of the vanguard, which was prepared in 3 books, was amazing.
The text was English, it consisted of the information of the information such as the memo that seemed to be written straight inside, and also the material itself was intriguing.

Destiny Guardians, which manages completion of the tale of light and darkness: With the autumn of Light, the gamer encounters the ominous darkness corps and discovers a secret city hidden in the Neutral.
You can also find transcendence, a brand-new power of darkness.

And Also this Destiny Guardian: I was able to obtain a small intestine in the tory that can remember the loss of light extra.

When it comes to the Pokey model, the strength of light might be adjusted in two phases, relying on the variety of times.

It was a product that asked a lot of fingerprints, it was so beautiful that the color altered really oddly depending on the exterior light.


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Fate Guardians: Inspect out the loss of the light of light.