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11, Milio is changing thatMeet Milio, Ixtals Mysterious New Support Champion | League of Legends Patch 13.11


Ital could be one of the most mysterious regions from the League of Legends cosmos, especially with just one champion hailing from its illusive boundaries. However, in Patch 13.6, players will finally obtain one more glimpse into this wonderful land with the video games most recent support champion, Emilio.

Below are all of Milos abilities in League of Legends.

Emilio brings a valuable slow-moving, a shield, a wide-ranged recovery area that likewise increases strike variety, and also lastly, a huge area-of-effect supreme capacity that heals all allies in its variety, in addition to cleansing all crowd control results from those affected.

As one of the initial male enchanters, the young champion utilizes his mastery of recovery fire to supplement his allies in the warmth of battle. With the assistance of his charming little Fleming, Emilio will take his initial steps away from his simple town outside Ital as well as stroll best onto Summoners Rift to assist players take over team fights with the heat of his eternal fire.

All Emilio abilities

Passive– Fired Up!

Milos abilities enchant allies on touch, making their next damage deal a burst of added damages and also melt the target.

Q– Ultra Huge Fire Kick

Emilio kicks a sphere that knocks back an opponent. The ball introduces up on hit and drops towards the opponent, damaging and reducing opponents in the area upon impact.

W– Cozy Campfire

Emilio produces an empowering zone that enhances and heals allies attack array to those inside. The area follows the ally closest to the cast point.

E– Warm Hugs

Emilio tosses a guard to an ally, momentarily boosting their activity speed.

R– Breath of Life

Emilio unleashes a wave of relaxing fires that remove as well as heal group control results from allies in range.