Complete Guide to the A Thief in the Night Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

It is fair to say that Harry Potter finally has a video game that can be mentioned in the same sentence as his movie and book brothers.
While the central narrative of the game is a solid fantasy rate, there are many intriguing secondary missions to discover out of the common and one of the most confusing is Thief in the Night.
So, with that in mind, for those who wonder how to complete a thief at night at Hogwarts Legacies is what he should do.

How to complete Thief in the Night Side Quest at Hogwarts Legacy

You will find this Secondary Mission of Hogwarts Legacy in the town of Value de Hierro, which is south of Hogwarts.
First, talk to the local merchant named Paddies Haggerty in his store and will explain that they have stolen a family relic and suspects that it was his sister Caitlin who stole it.

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Once you have assumed the mission, the next step is simple but important: you will have to do this secondary mission.
If it’s day, go to the menu and click R3 to advance time to night.
Once it is night, you will be ready to continue with this secondary mission.
Using the left button on your D-Pad, Issue Revelry near the store you talked to Paddies Haggerty and you will notice a track on the floor.
Yes, these are coins left by the perpetrator, since they have conveniently left a trace for you to follow them.
Follow these coins and keep using revelry to know where to go later.
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You will be following this trace of coins for quite some time, and you will even venture near a couple of loyal camps.
You can get rid of enemies or sneak between them.
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You will soon reach a nest of animals.
That’s right, the thief in question is actually a child.
The use of your NAB-Sack captures the little creature.
If you have difficulty finding it, use revelry and look around in the yellow circle in your minimal.
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Once you have captured Rifler, he returns with Paddies Haggerty in Iron dale and talks to him.
Finally, once you have talked to him and explained that the thief is actually a Rifler, the secondary Mission Thief in the Night will be complete.

What reward do you get for a thief on the mission of the night side at Hogwarts Legacy?

As a reward to solve Thief in the Night at Hogwarts Legacy, you will win 180xp, a scarlet mask somewhat galleons for your problems
There you have it.


We hope this has helped shed some light on how to complete a thief at night at Hogwarts Legacy.
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