Win 3 Copies of the FSK18 Horror Comedy Sissy on DVD & Blu-Ray!

Instagram-Influencer Cecilia (Aisha Dee) alias Sissy runs an effective way of life vlog in which she suggests her followers with a good idea access to self-help concerns.
Actually, there is a person with dark thoughts behind the happy exterior.
When she accidentally fulfills her former friend Emma (Hannah Barlow, also supervisor and also manuscript), she invites you automatically to a weekend trip on the occasion of her hen celebration.
Alex (Emily de Margheriti) is also going there, which Cecilia bullied in their school days with each other.
Nevertheless, even more appears to have happened in between both females.
Throughout the night, Alex maintains stuck versus Cecilia as well as rips old injuries open with her.
When the team camped on a lake the following day, the tensions discharge in a bloody way…
Sissy is an Australian independent movie, which was revealed on the South-by-Southwest and the Dream Film Celebration.
He is offered by the horror streaming service Shudder, whose effective original also consisted of Brandon Rosenberg’s Holder, George A. Romero lost movie the Theme park as well as the surprise Skinamarink, traded as a new Blair Witch Job.
Sissy showed up on February 23, 2023, on Blu-ray and DVD as well as VoD on February 23, 2023.
On this event we are providing away numerous physical duplicates of the movie together with Plain Pictures.
Get in the list below form and also win one of three DVDs or Blu-rays.
Sissy is released in Germany aged 18 and over, so bulk is required for participation.
Competition welcomes…
The competitors upright Monday, March 6, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. You require a valid e-mail address to take part, which we will certainly make use of to contact you if you have won.
The e-mail addresses are after that erased and only utilized for this competition.
The DISCS are sent out by computer Gaming itself. Address information is also not handed down to 3rd parties and only utilized as part of the sweep. The lawful procedure is omitted as constantly as well as a cash repayment of the prices is not possible.

You can locate our basic competition problems here.


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