Where to Find Golf Balls in Sons of the Forest: Enjoy Fun Gameplay Despite the Survival Horror Setting

While Sons of the Forest is mainly a survival horror game, this has not prevented players from having fun since their recent release.
The new sequel to Forest has brought all kinds of tools and weapons that are found throughout the map of the island, but not all are practical or useful.
A set of these elements are the golf balls, available so that players can play golf using a putter that accompanies them.
If you are wondering where to find golf balls in Sons of the Forest, so you can take a break to kill mutants and play a relaxing grass pool game, keep reading.

Rent of golf balls of the forest

If some time has spent exploring the island in sons of the Forest, it is likely that you have found email cuts that mention the golf.
To find the golf balls yourself and be able to play with them, the first thing you should do is open your GPS map and locate the area below.
There are two golf ball games that can be found quite close to each other since there is a golf course.
Here is also where you can find the putter.
Image source: through end night
Once it is in the area of the golf course, you can find one of the sets near the small body of water as shown below in the image or the other on the grass.
When you see them, simply steal them and press the letter E on your keyboard to place them in your inventory.
From there, you can access them when you have your putter ready to play golf.
If you prefer to make more practical use of golf balls, you can also use them as throwing objects similar to the first game tennis balls.
Just equal them and turn them into a distraction or a projectile.

Image source: through end night
Now that you know where to find golf balls in Sons of the Forest you can grab them and start playing a golf game.


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