1: Should You Pull Dehya or Cyno?

The first phase of Genshin Impact version 3.5 presents the Limited Event Wish banners that increase the possibilities of players to get Delay and CNO.
Unfortunately, it is possible that most players cannot get the two characters because extracting and creating new characters are huge investments, especially for free players with limited firstborns.
If you want to know if you should pull Delay or CNO in Gen shin Impact Guide can help you decide.

pulling for Delay in Genshin Impact

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Delay is a new unit introduced in Genshin Impact version 3.5.
She has gathered many fans thanks to her daring personality and the extraordinary fighting skills she shows during Summer Arc hon Quests.
Unfortunately, these skills do not translate into their kit because one of the worst five-star characters in the game can be considered.
It is not a good main DPS, and it is not good supporting other units.
Delay’s greatest weakness is his inability to activate elementary reactions correctly.


Its elementary ability can create a Fiery Sanctum field that can damage enemies inside it, but the speed of the attack is too slow to start a reaction when combined with many popular DPS characters.
Although Delay has a skill that allows you to receive damage from the active unit in the field, it does not make much sense to use it if you have good protectors, such as Zwingli and Diana.
As the main DPS, the normal attack of the mercenary has the annoying habit of knocking down enemies, which often makes their final blow fail.
Your Burst is also bad due to its short duration (only four seconds!) And the high energies required to activate it.
The last nail in the coffin is that Delay’s blows during his burst are considered animations, so they will not trigger coordinated attacks of support units such as Xingu and Elan.
You can still turn it into a viable character if you invest enough in it, but there are better options that you can get and build for less work.

pulling CNO in Genshin Impact

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CNO is a pure DPS, and although he is not the best character, it is still worth some players.
Keep in mind that it is not the easiest unit to play due to the strict rotation required to release its full potential.
CNO’s main way to inflict damage is his burst, which allows him to launch powerful electrical attacks and increase his resistance to interruption.
Skill requires 80 energies to activate, so you can use it with another electron character, such as Fiscal.
It also works well with Pedro units, allowing you to trigger powerful elementary reactions with their skills.

If you don’t have Bahia, the traveler is also a great support alternative for General Maharashtra.
CNO’s greatest weakness is his need to be constantly in the field.
Unlike other DPS characters that can enter and leave the field freely, you cannot exchange with other team members during your burst unless you are willing to risk losing potential damage.
This is why some players prefer Keying about CNO because she is much more indulgent when not achieving adequate rotation.
However, this problem only matters in the abyss, where each damage counts.
When you explore the open world, CNO is an incredible DPS that can take your team through several bosses and dungeons.

should you wish Delay or CNO in Genshin Impact?

The clear winner is CIO because it is objectively a better unit than Delay.
Of course, you are free to choose Delay if he is your favorite character, but if you do from the point of view of the game, you must choose General Maharashtra.
There are wild rumors that Converse plans to add new enemies or mechanics that will make Delay’s kit functional, but are you really going to bet your firstborn on that?
Even if you do not get Delay during his limited event desire, you can still get it when you lose 50/50 mechanics, since the mercenary will be added to the standard banner after the first phase ends.
That is the end of our guide and, hopefully, you can now decide whether I pull Delta or CNO in Genshin Impact.
If you need more help with the game, see other articles from below.
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