LiveTicker: Mens Singles Ski Jumping World Cup at the Nordic Ski World Championship in Planica – Follow Now!


At the Nordic Ski World Championship in Panic, the male’s songs are pending in ski jumping today
You can comply with the competition with the Linebacker from SPOT right here
Ski jumping WM |
Square |
Call |
Wide jump 1 |
Points jump 1
1. |
Get nousiainen |
91.0 m |
2. |
Demo IMHO |
94.5 m |
3. |
Daniel Andrei Carina |
96.0 m |

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Ski jumping Globe Cup: Single of guys in Panic from the typical hillside now in the online ticker

Daniel Andrei Carina (You): great attempt for Daniel Andrei Carina from Romania
The 21-year-old avoids the ski jump table, can after that relax on the air cushion as well as brings 96 meters into the snow
Because he has a minor upward up, he gets a couple of deductions, yet he can check out his dive with the limited 3rd area
Made Real (CUE): Made Real can not accompany and for the young Czechs it is no better than 91 meters
Demo IMHO (SUI): Given that Recon has technological problems and also will leap later on, it is just Demo IMHO’s turn
As well as he can actually persuade below!
After receiving the wedding rehearsal, it likewise fits with each other well now and also at 94.5 meters he shows the widest jump up until now
But it is not nearly enough for the lead, yet it sticks with Nousiainen, which had discovered a lot more tailwind
Decker Dean (United States): What is feasible for Decker Dean?
After the jump, the US Youngster needs to intervene briefly, but after that it fits better, and it goes down to 90 meters
Mine Alexandru Slumber (YOU): Romania additionally survived the certification with 2 jumpers
One of them is Money Alexandru Slumber, that now has to confirm itself with a lot of tailwind
After supplying an excellent effort yesterday, it is a lot shorter today with 87.5 meters
Get Nousiainen (FIN): It is planned for the choice of the men from the normal hillside
The beginning of the preliminary is the Fine Get Nousiainen
In the rehearsal he put one of the shorter dives, currently the 25-year-old is at least over 90 meters
Prior to the start: Prior to the competition, the professional athletes in the wedding rehearsal were currently over the ski jump
The most effective size placed Piotr Zola from Poland, that only put the touchdown at 102 meters
Anne Anise was second with Stefan Kraft before Time AJC
Favor Tegnér Garnered was fifth followed by Karl Geiger
Before the beginning: With all four starters in competitors, the Swiss are likewise
Simon Amman appears to be on time for the major event in a great kind
It should not suffice for the medals as a result of high deductions, yet the Leading 10 can absolutely attack the top ten
Next to him, Gregor Deschwanden, Killian Hair as well as additionally Demo IMHO, who had recommended himself via the Continental Mug
Prior to the beginning: The Austrians additionally have a medal prospect in their rankings with Stefan Kraft
Daniel Tschofenig can additionally wish for a great outcome, that had actually so much had the ability to handle the normal hillside in training and also qualifications
Michael Haycock and Jan Horn are likely to target a result of the leading 10
Before the beginning: The German ski jumper does not go into the competitors without an opportunity
From the quartet of the DSV, Andreas Bellinger and Karl Geiger are currently part of the expanded favored team
Markus Eisenbichler, on the various other hand, has thus far had a hard time on the ski dive in Panic as well as the leading results have not yet been launched
Constantin Schmidt prevailed in the internal certification against Philipp Raymond and showed in the rehearsal that he wished to take his chance today
Before the start: The Slovenian team wants to appear before a home backdrop
Anne Anise as well as Time AJC specifically appeared healthy on the small center as well as can step in today in the battle for the medals
In enhancement to you, there are additionally many various other athletes to note
Amongst other points, long-term champion Favor Tegnér Garnered from Norway or David Back from Poland, that recently combated back problems
You Kobayashi was additionally able to present himself with good outcomes
Before the start: ski jumping need to begin at 5 p.m
Prior to the start: hey there as well as welcome to the real-time ticker for the single ski jumping of the males in Panic

Ski jumping World Mug: Single of males in Panic from the typical hill today on TV as well as livestream

On complimentary television you can comply with the men’s ski jumping in Panic at ZDF
The second switches to the initial round at 4.45 p.m. and accompanies the individual leaping from the regular hillside with the press reporter Stefan Bier, the moderator Stefan Bier and also expert Toni Inner
There is likewise a complimentary livestream on

Additionally, the alternative using Eurosport is to follow the competition of the Nordic Ski World Cup
On the free television terminal Eurosport1, the transmission will range from 4.30 p.m
However, there is just a paid live stream from Eurosport, which you can phone either via Exploration+ or using the sports streaming system
DAZN has completed a collaboration with Eurosport and reveals all real-time streams included and absolutely free

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Nordic Ski Globe Cup: Summary of the timetable

Date |
Discipline |
23 \
February, 2.30 p.m. |
Ski running, sprint classic |
23 \
February, 2.30 p.m. |
Ski operating, sprint timeless |
23 \
February, 5 p.m. |
Ski leaping, typical hill |
24 \
February, 11.30/ 2:15 p.m. |
Nordic combination, single/normal hill/5 kilometers |
24 \
February, 3:30 p.m. |
Cross-country skiing, triathlon |
25 \
February, 10:530 p.m. |
Nordic mix, single normal hill/10 kilometers |
25 \
February, 2 p.m. |
Cross-country skiing, 15 km triathlon |
25 \
February, 12.15 p.m. |
Ski jumping, Group normalchanze |
25 \
February, 5 p.m. |
Ski leaping, single typical hill |
26 \
February, 10.30/ 3pm |
Team regular hill/2×5 + 2x, 5 kilometers |
26 \
February, 1.30 p.m. |
Group sprint freestyle |
Male women
26 \
February, 5 p.m. |
Ski leaping, typical hill |
28 \
February, 12.30 p.m. |
Cross-country skiing, 10 km freestyle |
1 \
March, 11:15 p.m. |
Nordic combination, Group Großschanze/ 4×5 km |
1 \
March, 12.30 p.m. |
Cross-country winter sports, 15 km freestyle |
1 \
March, 5.30 p.m. |
Ski jumping, single large hill |
2 \
March, 12.30 p.m. |
Cross-country snowboarding, 4×5 kilometers period |
3 \
March, 12.30 p.m. |
Cross-country winter sports, 4×10 kilometers season |
3 \
March, 5.30 p.m. |
Ski leaping, single large hillside |
4 \
March, 10.30/ 3pm |
Nordic combination, solitary big hill/10 kilometers |
4 \
March, 12 p.m. |
Cross-country winter sports, 30 kilometers timeless |
4 \
March, 4:30 p.m. |
Ski leaping |
March 5:12 p.m. |
Cross-country winter sports, 50 km timeless |