Unlock the Secrets of Hogwarts Legacy: The Passage of the ITS All Gobbledegook Quest

It’s All Gobbledygook is the main plot quest in Hogwarts Legacy, which is unlocked after the completion of the Fire and Vice mission.
In your desire to find out about the insidious plans of Rock, you follow the Council of Look and go to the goblin mine, located south of Hogwarts, known as the eye of the mine.
No matter how beautiful the mine is, she hides the insidious plan, carried by the radio and his loyalists, and you have to reveal this secret.
The following is a detailed guide on how to fulfill the quest This is all Gobbledygook in the Hogwarts heritage.

How to go through the goblin mine Eye of Mine in the game Heritage of Hogwarts

After the completion of the Fire and Vice quest, you will receive an owl from Look, who will ask you to meet him near the mine of the eye of the mine and ask you to bring someone who knows how to read the Hobbledeguk.
Fortunately, Amit recently informed you of his interest in the Goblin language, and therefore you ask him to join you in this endeavor, which he willingly agrees.
As soon as you talk with Amit, go to the entrance to the eye of the mine, where the boat will wait for you.
Think about a quick journey to the point of the INRIA fireplace flame to get there quickly.

entrance to the mine

After you talk to the Look, you will find out that your task is to collect schemes from the goblin mine in order to reveal the plan of the Plane.
The first door to the entrance to the mine is a glaze door, and they work in the same way as the chests.
To open them, become invisible using the Disillusionment spell.
Once inside the mine, go straight until you find a room with an elevator in front of you and a small boiler to the left of you.
Find the boiler with any fiery spell, such as Intended or Covering, and the elevator will rise.
Enter the elevator, then interact with it to go down.
When you reach the bottom, leave the elevator and turn right to the small white statue of goblin.
Continue to go straight until you find yourself in front of a floating platform.

Hit the action on the platform to pull it to you, jump onto it, and then hit the action on the hook on the other side to pull yourself up.

Small boiler room

Now you will get to the first part of this mission with enemies.
After you defeat the goblins, you will find yourself in front of the door with your eye.
You will also notice a hook on the wall and a metal lattice in the far left corner of the room.
As usual, disguise yourself using the Disillusionment spell, then go to the door to open it.
The door opens, opening a small boiler to the right of you and the tunnel leading straight ahead.
In this room there is a chest, access to which can be obtained through a metal lattice that you saw in the previous room.
Activate the boiler with a flame spell, and then return and hit the share on the hook on the wall.
This will open the lattice gates, and you can enter through them to open the chest and get an accidental unidentified legendary equipment.
Then carry through the tunnel.

room with a pot

Now you will enter the room with a large pot in the middle.
In this area, you will find in total three schemes that Amit should translate and decipher.
The first scheme will be on the table next to the pot, and the other will be on the top floor.
On the top floor there will also be several enemy goblins, so be sure to destroy them.
After that, go through the kitchen next to the pot and go through the tunnel.
You will enter another small hole where you will find the third drawing next to the tunnel leading to a large boiler room.

Big boiler room

Having passed through the tunnel, you will fall into a large zone of battle with many enemies.
You will also find the fourth scheme in this room, which is located in front of the door with an open eye on the right side of the room.
After defeating the enemies and collecting the scheme, use the flame spell on the boiler in the room.


Then use action to pull the lever to the right of the boiler.
This will raise the metal gate to the water tunnel in the corner, which will allow you to go to the next area.

Exit from the mine

Having passed through the water tunnel, you will enter the last room in which there will be several enemies, the door with the eye and the elevator shaft.
After winning the enemies, use disappointment to become invisible and open the door.
Inside the room you will find the last proof indicating the plans of the random.
You will also find a chest in the room and the boiler mechanism.
Fix the boiler with a fiery spell, and then go out and press the action on the lever to activate the elevator.
As soon as the elevator reaches the top, leave it and head to the quest mark to return to the entrance to the mine.
Having left the mine and exhausting your dialogue with Amit, and then with the Look, you will complete the quest This is all Gobbledygook in the Hogwarts heritage.

How to get all chests with collections in The Mines Eye in Hogwarts Legacy

In total, there are seven chests with collections that you can find and unlock in the Mines Eye mine during the It’s All Gobbledygook quest.
The following describes how you can get all the chests with collections in the It’s All Gobbledygook quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

chest with collections#1

The first chest can be found in the first boiler room, where you will face the first batch of enemies.
Activate the boiler mechanism behind the door with the eye and pull the lever with the action to open the gates of the water tunnel and gain access to the chest.

chest with collections No. 2

The second chest with collections can be found on the top floor of a room with a pot, it can be found next to the schematic evidence that you will find here.

chest with collections No. 3, No. 4

Two chests with collections can be found in a large boiler room.
In this room you will find a staircase leading to the balcony.
Rise there, and you will see a narrow tunnel with a metal grill.
Remove it with the help of Dipso, then fill it to enter the space where you will find two chests with collections.

chest with collections No. 5, No. 6

Two more chests with collections can be found in the last room with the elevator shaft.
When you enter the room, turn right to find the tunnel.
Enter it and go straight until you come across a chest at a dead end.
Another chest with collections is in a room guarded by the eye-eye.

chest with collections#7

For the last chest with collections in this mission, you can unlock the second-level locks.
As soon as you rise on the elevator to get out of the shaft, you will encounter a highway with a small staircase leading up to the left.
Climb up the stairs, and you will find the door that you must open with alochomora.
Inside the room you will find a chest with collections.
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