Solve the Mystery of the Fire Shell Bridge Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is stuffed with puzzles and secrets.
This likewise consists of the 3 tricks of Hogwarts.
Among them, the bridge puzzle or fire she’ll puzzle, may have currently seen when you explore the school area.
Here we discuss how it works.

  • Area of the bridge puzzle: outside on the bridge, near the speed travel point ‘Viaduct’ (section ‘The Great Hall’).
  • Prerequisite: a fire spell.
  • Task: swollen the fire shells and assign the right sign to them.
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spark the fire bowls.

The very first part is very easy.
You only have to master among the intense damage spells and hence stimulate the four shells (red circles) on the bridge railings.
Intended: Fire attack with a little range, which you find out with the mission ‘Teacher Heats Job 1’ or.
Covering: Fire attack with a large reach that Sebastian in the quest ‘In the Shadow of the Crypt’ teaches you.


Bridge card.
If all fire shells burn, the plate is important with symbols (arrow) on the bottom of the bridge.

designates the best symbols to the fire shells.

In the second step, you just have to look closely and appoint each fire bowl the ideal number based upon their signs.
The symbol plate on the cabaret you which combinations are essential.
Mind them in and interact with the fire shells to alter the numbers.
The signs are securely defined and not overlooked listed below the shells.
I or 1 = triangle with the 6 little lines.
II or 2 = 2 circles with half-pulled line.
III or 3 = triangle, which is reminiscent of the symbol for the sanctuaries of death.
IV or 4 = crossed square.
Sign plate fire bowls.
The baseplate opens, and a secret passage comes to light when you have set the fire shells correctly.
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the reward for the bridge puzzle.

If you climb up the secret passage, you enter into a channel under the bridge (which you can not reach by broom by the way).
There you will find small ones in the specific niches, as well as a large chest with items.
In addition to a new magic deal with and a framed portrait, you can expect a non-identified object that you have to examine in the area of desires.
The reward behind it depends upon the number of Hogwarts’ 3 tricks have already resolved.
After a secret, a swimsuit awaits you, after the 2nd trick a tailcoat and the 3rd secret you get a cloak from the films.