Hogwarts Legacy: Over 879,000 Simultaneous Players on Steam – Experience Magic, Herbalism and Butter Beer in Hogsmeade

A growing number of trainees have been swinging their wand because Friday, is committing themselves to herbalism, learning the art of drinking brewing or treating themselves to a butter beer in Hogsmeade.
Naturally, this suggests Hogwarts Tradition, the new role-playing game by Warner Bros Games, which is based upon the Harry Potter license.

  • Hogwarts Tradition test report
    Steam reveals once again how successfully the start for the video game was.


879,308 simultaneous players were determined on the platform.
This guaranteed second place amongst the most successful single player titles.
Only Cyberpunk 2077 is more effective, which was able to draw in over 1 million simultaneous gamers on Steam.
How it looks on the consoles can not be identified exactly.
Amongst the most played Xbox video games, Hogwarts Tradition remains in first location and even before FIFA 23.