Genshin Impact: Elliot Gindi Accused of Sexual Harassment – HOYOVERSE Pronounces Removal

With accusations that include sexual harassment, coercion and pedophilia, the English voice actor of the character Tighter, Elliot Hindi, can be removed at any time from the nucleus of actors of Genshin Impact.
The endless list of complaints has been circulated over the internet a few days ago and has taken proportions that they forced Hoovers to pronounce.
Understand the case in the article below:

complaints and pronouncement by Elliot

The charges began to circulate on social networks last week, from Feuary 7, when a 21-page document with cases involving Elliot gained high repercussion on Twitter.
The document ought together dozens of conversations by Discord and direct messages between the voice actor and the fans.
The material was collected by Elliot account moderators on Twitch and Discord over the months.
They shared the contents of the conversations and revealed that the voice actor sought personal relationships with three girls on Discord.
Certain messages also included sexting (Sexual Relations by text) and requesting a meeting off the internet.
Throughout the pages it was possible to see content in which Elliot allegedly asked for inappropriate photos and videos, sought relationships with minors, sent sexual content, change fans using suicide and made transphobic comments.
Besides sexual insinuations in their live oadcasts.
It is noteworthy that the full document is no longer available, but there are still fragments through social networks.
In his statement by Twit longer, Elliot Hindi made an apology and assumes responsibility for direct messaging conversations.
However, he denies having intentionally persecuted any minor, trying to change someone (asexual and transsexual people) or get involved with anyone in the forms described in the document, except for the three girls with whom he listed himself.
What is true: all screenshots of chat records. Yes, all that conversation about sex. Yes, I threatened suicide if it leaked. I didn’t think of the severity of it. […] What is not
Truth: That I did anything consciously with someone underage and not respecting someone’s pronoun changes. I was not waiting that someone of 15 years old, rejected them categorically.


With the proportions of the case and charges for a position, one of the Hoovers developers sent a statement to the Radar+website.


See below:
We deeply regret the damage that happened to our fans, players, community and anyone affected. Our internal teams and external partners, including our voice acting studio, are working together in an urgent solution. We’ll keep them informed in progress.

Revolt between the other voice actors

Amid the accusations, the voice actor also suffered public reprisals from his co-workers.
Voice actors of other characters in the game, such as Ether, HU Tao, Oriya and also commented on their profiles about what happened.
Disappointed and angry. I removed the stream with Elliot and will no longer associate myself with him. I refuse to give someone like that. Using his power that way about fans is disgusting and shameful.
Victims of this situation.
I am angry. As Elliot dares to threaten to take her life if the victims come to. Truly sick from the head. All that Elliot has made me very angry and triggered. There must be consequences for their actions. There must be support for the victims.
Believe in the victims.
Please talk if and when you are safe to do so, please don’t stop talking.
I’m sorry to live in such a dark place with such disgusting predators.
I’m sorry, it’s hard and scary to talk.
Don’t let you shut you up.
Don’t let them win.

Now that I have more energies: Elliot Hindi is abominable. The abuse he has inflicted on his victims is unforgivable. I am absolutely disgusted with him and anyone who tries to defend him. I wish nothing but peace for the victims.
The slow for any excuse Since the last pronouncement Hoovers has not commented again on the matter and no decision on Elliot’s work with the company was informed.
Dilators and fan community continue to repudiate Elliot’s behavior and charge for a developer’s attitude.