Experience the Fun of Overwatch 2 Dating with the All-New Loverwatch Dating Simulator.

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day.
The developer behind Overwatch 2, Blizzard Entertainment, has just launched his official (but non-canonical) 2 quotation simulator), Loverwatch-Love Never Dies.
Basically it consists of a free browser game that allows you to have an appointment with some of the most popular Overwatch 2, Genii and Mercy characters.
Heinz literally plays Cupid.
Lover watch is not really available in Overwatch 2, but you can access the game through a dedicated website, although experience is currently not «compatible with most browsers and devices that are not desktop and based on the
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In general, the game reminds traditional dating simulators and the characters can drink and dine in several places according to Overwatch Maps 2. The players receive Heinz advice in different points of the game on how to earn the heart of Genii or Merced.

There is even a secret end that can be unlocked depending on how the characters are.


Blizzard currently offers an outstanding introduction of Cupids Kiss and a player title that can be added to his account.
The first is actually part of a package that is available for…