Where to Find Grafon and Graphone Horn in Hogwarts: Heritage – Unlock the Magic of the Highlands!

In Hogwarts Legacy, you have to save and stroke various magical creatures living in the highlands.
Grafton is one of the magical creatures that you will meet during the main quest San Baker Test.
You need to know where the Grafton is located to tame this creature and bring it to Vivaria.
Here’s how you can use the graphene and Grafton Horn in the Hogwarts Heritage.

where to find a Grafton in Hogwarts Heritage

In the test of San Baker, you must turn to the Grafton known as the Lord of the coast for help, and this creature lives in the southern part of the Alabama coast.
Check the yellow circle on the map of the card above to find the lair of the graphene on the coast of Lamar.

So far, this is the only lair of the Grafton that we have encountered in the game.
As soon as you find the Grafton, he will call you to battle.
You must subjugate the Grafton, without causing him too much harm.
You cannot use any of the unforgivable curses during this battle.
Instead, use Covering, Diffing and Basic Cast to subjugate Lord of the Shore.
Grafton has two characteristic movements: one-jump forward, and the other to attack you.
Continue to avoid both attacks and reduce its health to interact with it.
In this battle with the boss there will be two levels, and as soon as the last health remains, you will be given a choice.
You can either kneel down or attack the graphene.
We recommend kneeling in front of a magical creature to make him an ally.
After that, you can ride on the Grafton and pass the test of San Baker.
The creature will automatically add to your inventory of animals, and you can free it in Vivaria in the room of requirements.

How to get a count of Horn in Hogwarts’s Heritage

As for the horror horns, you can purchase them from Bred and PEK is located in the village of Hogs mid.


You will need to buy a Grafton horror for 700 galleons.
In addition, you can visit Grafton in your vivaria.
Use the brush to caress the beast to stroke it, and the feed for the beast to feed the magical creature.
In return, it will give you profanes that can be used to improve equipment and add characteristics to your equipment.
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