Uncover the Secrets of Hogwarts Heritage: A Guide to Passing the Shadow of the Cabinet Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can study various spells by performing various quests.
In the shadow of the cabinet is one of the missions that you will receive in the quest line of Sebastian Sallow, and it includes the study of the curse of Fruits.
However, to study this unforgivable curse will not be easy, and first you need to solve a few puzzles.
Here is the complete passage of the quest in the shadow of the cabinet in the Hogwarts heritage.
Table of contents
How to start in the shadow of the cabinet in the Hogwarts legacy
How to open the door of the Slytherin Striker in the Hogwarts Heritage
How to explore Slytherin’s scrip tor in Hogwarts’s Heritage Skits.
How to solve Slytherin locks in Hogwarts Legacy
Is it worth using Rubio against Sebastian Sallow in Hogwarts’s Heritage?

how to start in the shadow of the cabinet in the Hogwarts Heritage

To start in the shadow of the office, you must meet Sebastian Sallow in front of the Slytherin living room.
Follow the owl mail to see the letter of Sebastian who invites you to this quest.
You will notice a symbol of magnifying glass on the map next to the Slytherin living room.
Visit this place and talk with Sebastian.
He will talk to Minis Got, and you will learn that the got is a descendant of Salazar Slytherin.
For this quest, you need to visit the Salazar Slytherin scriptorium who is hidden in Hogwarts.

how to open the door of Slytherin’s scrip tor in Hogwarts’s Heritage

After interacting with Sebastian and Minis Got, you need to enter the scriptorium.
To do this, you must open the door of Slytherin.
This can be done using the simultaneous inclusion of three lamps in the corridor.
The first lamp is opposite the door of Slytherin, and the other two to the left of the door.
The best way to light all three lamps at the same time is to stand in front of the door, equip Covering and quickly amaze each of the lamps with three spells. The lighting of all three lamps simultaneously opens the door of Slytherin, from where you need to go to the scriptorium.

How to explore the Slytherin scrip tor in the Hogwarts Heritage Skits

Entering the door, you will climb the spiral staircase leading down, and the first room will be locked by another door.

There is also a note from the NOCTUA MOUNT that you can determine by saying Revelry.
After using Revelry, you will also notice that the stone wall is broken in front of the door.
Use report to correct the stone wall and read the inscription.
As soon as this is done, you will need to talk with Minis Got and ask him to speak on Parnell.
The door inside this room will open only when Minis speaks on Parnell, and this will lead to the next part of the quest.

How to solve Slytherin locks in Hogwarts Legacy

The next part is the most difficult part of this quest, and for this you will need to solve three puzzles with Slytherin snakes.
The key to unraveling these puzzles with snakes is to compare the characters on the doors with snake locks.
Each door has two unique symbols once you align them, rotating dials on snake locks, the doors will open.
So, follow the selected steps to quickly go through this part of the quest.
Entering this room, use Revelry to check all the objects of question will be marked in blue.
Use lumps to illuminate the area, and check the characters on each door.
You need to go into the first room located to the left of the main entrance.
Here you will find a puzzle with a snake and a lamp on the left side.
Light a lamp by pronouncing a fiery spell, such as Covering or Intended.
Look at the image above to see the characters that open the first door through the puzzle with a snake.
The second castle of Slytherin is located on the right in front of the main entrance.
This one opens the gate right next to him, and you can check the image above to see the characters in the game.
The upper shape of the rounded form is similar to the snake.
Compare these characters by moving dials on the second castle of Slytherin to open these gates.
When the door opens, use Lumps and enter it, as this will lead to the third snake castle.
The third snake castle opens the main door in the corridor.
Use conferring to light the lamp next to it, and compare the characters as shown in the image above.
The upper form will look like a jellyfish that time the lower symbol looks like a pyramid.
Opening the third gate in this room, enter it and continue the quest.
Along the way you will also find the notes of the NOCTUA Gonna;
This shows that she came here a long time ago in search of a scrip tor.

is it worth using Rubio against Sebastian Sallow in Hogwarts’s Heritage?

Entering the last room in front of the scrip tor, you will come across a door with a screaming face.
Next to the door you will find the last note from Noctua Got, as well as the skeleton lying nearby.


Interact with Minis and Sebastian, and you will learn more about the curse of Cruciate.
Although Minis is against this, Sebastian wants to go further and learn Crucial to find out more about the Slytherin spell book.

After some interaction with them, two will be offered a choice.
The options are listed below.
Very good.
I don’t want to study the curse of Fruits
I want to learn the curse of Fruits.
But you must put it on me.
Teach me a curse Fruits, and I will put it on you.
We chose the third option and imposed a curse of Fruits on Sebastian.
You can choose other options, as this will not affect the common quest.
As soon as this is done, you will get access to Scripture Salazar Slytherin.
You will find the Slytherin Book of Spells, pass it on to Sebastian and leave Slytherin’s dungeon.
This completes the quest in the shadow of the cabinet in the Hogwarts heritage.
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