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Hogwarts Legacy has finally arrived, and both casual and most experienced players simply do not tire of how intricate the game and their locations are.
The game places the players in the driver’s seat, which allows them to create their own wizard and experience first-hand everything they have read and seen over the years.
For veterans, the knowledge of the material of origin will be useful, especially when it comes to all the questions and answers of the Sofia Franklin questionnaire in Hogwarts Legacy.
Here is what you need to know.

Hogwarts Legacy Sofia Franklin TI

The Sofia Franklin questionnaire in Hogwarts Legacy is quite long, presents three rounds and a total of three rounds and 25 questions.
To do all this well, you must be a magician when it comes to tradition.
Fortunately, for all the dirty blood that they forgot to study for this incredibly detailed questionnaire, we have all the answers they might need.
For comfort, we have broken down every round for you, with the questions and answers in bold.
Good luck!

First round

Before the invention of golden snitch, what magical creature was used in a quidditch game?
Gold Snugger.
The Golden Midget.
The snakebird.
What potion is commonly known as Liquid Luck?
The Felix Felicia.
The draft of Alphonse.
The pepper potion.
What magical artifacts involve the story of the three brothers?
The founder’s relics.
Death relics.
What Quidditch ball is the greatest?
The blow.
The Budget.
The baffle.
True or false: the multitudes potion allows the drinker to change species

Second round

What government agency directly preceded the Ministry of Magic?
The Magi.
The International Magician Confederation.
The Order of Merlin.
What dragon race is the smallest?
Opal eye antipodes.
Peruvian Viper tooth.
The iron belly of Ukraine.
Who founded the town of Hogsmeade?
Woodcraft hen gist.
Florida CRGG.
Quincy Hog.
The Hide behind was accidentally created by crossing a Ghoul with what other magical creature?
Rune spoor.


What is the only known spell to repel a Trifold?
The curse of the recoil.
The stunning spell.
Patrons enchantment.
Who published the Law of Elementary Transfiguration?
Evangeline Opinion.
Laverne de Montmorency.
What translates Hogwarts’s motto?
Knowledge is true magic.
Do not tickle a sleeping dragon.
Look before jumping.
What magical creature is the only one that produces eggs in the mouth?
The basilisk.
The Ash winder.
The Rune spoor.
Where is the School of Magic and Sorcery of Ilvermorny?
Mount Gray lock.
The Pyrenees.
The Amazon jungle.
What is the most powerful love potion known to the magicians?
Elixir to induce euphoria.

Third Round

Emetic The Evil was killed in a duel against whom?
Alberto El Egregious.
Mr. Agrarian.
Beatriz Bloom.
If a chaser keeps his hand on the baffle while crossing the goal, what is missing?

  • CIFAD.
    A Tackled Malacca bite has the unusual side effect of causing what?
  • Hairy ears.
  • Bad luck.
  • Palmed feet.
    What Stink sap Excreta plant?
  • Stimulus mimbletonia.
  • Flux weed.
  • Lipophore beans.
    Did the Pepper up potion evolve from a remedy created why the magician of the twelfth century?
  • Bowman-Wright
  • Basil Flak.
  • Kindred de Stinchcome.
    In The Wizard and The Hopping Pot, what does the elderly magician leave his son at Hopping Pot?
  • A single shoe.
  • Your wand.
  • A smaller pot.
    Is Snallygaster native to what region of the world?
  • The highlands of Scotland.
  • North America.
  • The Amazon jungle.
    Who is the Muggy Knight who appears at the Fuentes de la Good Fortuna?
  • Mr. Asset
  • Lord without luck.
  • Mr. Lancelot
    With what other name is the largest Kellie know in the world?
  • Gallingontua.
  • Pantagruel.
  • The Lake Less monster.
    Who was the Prime Minister of Magic?
  • ULFA Game.
  • Cad mo severely.
  • Ethelred always ready.
    Answer each question that composes these three rounds of the questionnaire will grant you a reward of 3 potions Wiggenweld, 1 Elders potion and 1 maximum potion.

Now that you know all the answers of the Sofia Franklin questionnaire in Hogwarts Legacy, look for more guides and novelties of the game in.
As you can see below, we have all the answers.
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