How to Pause Custs Scenes in Hogwarts Legacy | Learn the Magic of Harry Potter Series Today!

The Harry Potter series has been one of the most beloved stories in all fantasy since it debuted in 1997, since people simply cannot have enough magic and sorcery.
Now, even players can really immerse themselves in the world of franchise, all thanks to Avalanche Studios.
Hogwarts legacy.
But while some may come through history, there will definitely be others who will want to know.
How to pause or omit scenes in the game.
Here is what you need to know.

Can you pause Costs scenes in Hogwarts Legacy?

While there is no specific warning to stop a scene at Hogwarts Legacy, there is a solution to be able to pause them on the consoles.
All you have to do is press the start button or PS to return to your main board.
Instead of reproducing, this action will stop the scene exactly where it is currently, allowing you to get away and return by clicking on the game when you are ready.
If you are someone who only wants to skip the cutting scenes completely, simply hold the triangle or the button and until it disappears.
This will not look at the movie at all, allowing you to throw spells again and explore the secrets that Hogwarts has to offer.
For now, that is all you need to know how to pause or omit scenes in Hogwarts’s legacy.

To achieve more general advice, tricks and questions, be sure to consult all the related articles that we have for you about the game below, even when everything is configured in terms of the timeline.


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