Hogwarts Legacy: 95% Positive Reviews After Boycott – Now Available on Steam!

Hogwarts Legacy was one of the most controversial games before the release that should appear in 2023.
The video game has actually been offered since February 10 and the reviews on Steam are almost solely favorable.
Even prior to the main release, challengers had tried to slander the video game with false tags on Steam.
Here, Valve, the operator behind Steam, had changed off the tag function to prevent even worse things.
The background to the excellent debate around Hogwarts Legacy is the continuous conversation about Harry Potter author J.K.
Critics see it as a trans baby, extreme feminist- Rowling fends off bitingly versus this accusation, the scenario has been escalating for months.
Thanks to Early-Access, some have actually had the ability to play the video game on the PC and Steam since February 7, 2023, for everybody else the release officially started on February 10th.
The responses are overwhelming.

game appears on February 10th on Steam, now has 28,000 evaluations

What do the users say?
The feedback is extremely positive.
At the current time, over 28,000 people have actually examined the video game.
The game now has 94 % favorable reviews.
This is in fact not surprising, due to the fact that even before the release, Hogwarts Legacy came from the bestsellers on Steam.
Numerous praise the big game world and that there is a lot to find.
On top of that, there would be no frustrating microtransactions and other nasty to invest genuine money on every corner.
We have selected a few reviews for you here:
It is good to finally play a game once again that is not a complete disaster with the release.
Light of information, interesting and classic.
In my viewpoint, Hogwarts Legacy was implemented nearly completely!
Fantastic and one of the finest video games I have been playing for years!
Motivating and developed with a lot of attention to detail.
Thanks to the designers, it’s brilliant and wonderful.
Lastly something that is not a half-cooked live service catastrophe at the start.
Exists also criticism?
Yes, the efficiency of the PC version is sometimes awful and there are violent frame breakdowns.
Some discussed that a video game for the release and for 70 euros must not have to battle with such issues.
We likewise evaluated the performance in the editorial team and have actually found that ray tracing with AMD and NVIDIA cards in specific is a violent performance killer.
Ray tracing functions switch off under the options of the game if you have any issues.
Another pointer is to switch on DLSS (NVIDIA) or FSR 2.0 (AMD).


Above all, the modification from FSR 1.0 to 2.0 guaranteed an efficiency boost once again.
The performance also looks far better on the PS5, on the Steam Deck the game also runs quite stable with around 50 FPS.
Hogwarts Legacy is a huge hit on Twitch and breaks the record of cyberpunk-despite the boycott of some banners
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