Bring Home Magical Sticks with Hogwarts Legacy – Standard Edition Now Playable!

In the meantime, it has been up until now that Hogwarts Legacy is also playable for all owners of the basic version-only those with a luxurious edition had the ability to do so.
If you want to rapidly create the best ambience and setting for gaming from Hogwarts Legacy, we have a few concepts for you.
For example, with the help of a cookbook, you can recuperate delicacies from the books and then drink butter beer as you play.
Iconic magic sticks-we have actually selected cool replicas that improve your chamber of video gaming!
The films about Harry Potter: The complete collection in one package

Hogwarts Legacy: Great magic for Harry Potter fans

  • Harry Potter’s magic wand: The title hero of the book series has the Willing by Lord Voldemort personnel.
    They might hardly look more various in the films, after all, they only share the Phoenix spring core.
    Harry Potter’s magic wand – E reproduction of the movie frequency source: Amazon
  • Hermione Granger’s magic wand: The brilliant young sorceress has a classy and easy tool for her magic items.
  • Ron Weasley’s wand: Ron was never a great master of magic in the novels, but he constantly showed his guts and can likewise help his buddies thanks to magic.
  • Albus Dumbledore and Elder stab!
    The legendary artifact had currently existed to an individual for the very first time by death.
    Dumbledore’s Elder stab – E a reproduction of the film request Source: Amazon
  • Voldemort’s spooky magic wand: The weapon of the dark villain looks like bones, but simply consists of the extremely pale yew wood.


  • The magic wand of Bellatrix Estrange: The insane sadist has a magic wand that looks more like a claw.

  • Shape’s magic wand: The semi-blood prince depends on a dark and easy weapon.
  • Hagrid’s magic wand!
    This is actually a functional magic, uh with the cool design of a magic as in the film.
    Among the trendy metal stands for your magic bars from Harry Potter Diesel with swine and the coat of arms of Hogwarts.
    Source: Amazon

nice ornamental placements for your wand

You can get the matching metal stands if you desire to stage your spells appropriately.
They are not just available with the coat of arms of Hogwarts, however also separately for each of the 4 houses:
Goldener Magic Tap stand with Hogwarts coat of arms and swine
Silver Magic Stand – MIT Ravenclaw coat of ravens and arms
Golden Magic Stand – MIT Gryffindor coat of arms and lions
Silver Magic Stand – With Slytherin coat of arms and snakes
Golden magic tape ribbon – with Hufflepuff coat of arms and deities
Which house do you join in Hogwarts Legacy (buy now)?
Which magic wand bests best represents your in game magician?
Exists an expert suggestion that goes beyond all the widely known magic sticks for you?
Something that of Nymphadora Monks?
Or Narcissa Malfoy’s?
Write us in the remarks!
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