Really time to leave with Hogwarts, the official release of Hogwarts Legacy

Finally, it’s time to leave for Warding World.
Hogwarts Legacy was officially released on February 10 with PS5 and XSX | S.

In the Hogwarts Legacy, the player is a fifth-year student at the Hogwarts Magic School with a rare ability to use ancient powerful magic.
According to the field guide and special instructions from professors and other characters, fans can follow the charming story and face thrilling challenges and mysteries.
Hogwarts Legacy provides an original story that players can adventure in their own wizard world.

WB Games representative David Haddad said, Hogwarts Legacy truly fulfills the wishes of fans who are students of Hogwarts Magic School, which is such a game that Warding World fans have dreamed for many years.
I’ve made a fascinating game with a variety of mysteries and immersive magic so that I can get into my own magical story.

John Blackburn, a studio head of Avalanche Studio, said, As a fan of Warding World, I am honored to produce Hogwarts Legacy in cooperation with Harry Potter series.
I’m happy to be able to convey it in a way that I don’t have. I want you to enjoy the details, new narratives, and the magical elements that are in making this game.

In Hogwarts Legacy, the player becomes a fifth-year student who is incorporated into Hogwarts.
Various customization is provided to make your own wizards or witches, and is assigned to a dormitory of Gryffindor, Guileful, Raven Claw and Sleeting.
You can also learn how to meet professors in various magic classes, cast magic, develop magic plants, and manufacture potions.

At the same time, players wander around the world of wizards, as well as classes and magic, to achieve experience and increase their capacity levels.

With this level, you will upgrade your talents and skills and grow into a wizard or witch.


At the absence of class, you can visit the classroom, explore the dungeon, or meet a puzzle that stimulates secret passages and challenges.
The player masters powerful magic, grinds and wipes combat skills to develop the ability to deal with fatal enemies.

Since it is an open world game, you can freely travel around the Hogwarts Castle and travel around the new and familiar magic worlds, such as the surroundings of the castle, Hogs mid and forbidden forest.
The player can fly on a broom and tame the mysterious animals, and he will battle with trolls, spiders, and dark wizards, experiencing a magical world full of action.

In this process, we meet an extended world full of huge risks, and we also face the ability of only these dangerous beings.
You can also decide which side of the wizard world through missions and scenarios that require difficult choices.

Hogwarts Legacy was released on February 10 with PS5 and XSX | s, and the PC version can be enjoyed from February 11, one day later.
PS4 and HBO will be available from April 4th and Nintendo Switch from July 25th.