Learn How to Save Your Game in Hogwarts Legacy.


Adventures in Hogwarts and its environs deliver a lot of pleasure in the Hogwarts heritage, but they can be equally fatal thanks to numerous traps and enemies who are waiting for you.
If you are interested in how to save the game in Hogwarts Legacy so as not to lose your progress after the untimely death, let’s play Lumps on this issue.
Taking into account that the game is quite new, and the AAA games suffer from countless problems in the early days, you have another reason to constantly keep your game in Hogwarts Legacy or save backups so that you do not lose progress and should not start from the beginning.

How does it work in Hogwarts Legacy?

In fact, there are two types of conservation in Hogwarts Legacy;
Manual and automation.
Autosion is indicated by an icon at the bottom of the center of the screen and occurs quite often, so you do not need to worry about this part.
Nevertheless, auto-security should never be completely trusted, and here manual preservation comes to the rescue.
Fortunately, the manual conservation process in Hogwarts Legacy is simple and intuitive.
You do not need to find any objects in the game world to save.
Just go to the pause menu, and you should see your slots to save.
You can either create a new slot to save every few hours, or rewrite your previous slots to save at this moment.
Hogwarts Legacy offers players up to 10 slots for manual preservation, so the game has many important nodes where you can maintain your progress.
Ideally, you must manually preserve before each main plot mission or after the completion of the test stage, so that if something goes wrong, you can resume Hogwarts’s heritage from this moment.
If you die at certain points in the game, the game offers you control points from the auto-security slot that you can resume.
But in the event that auto-saving is damaged due to a failure of a game or system, manual preservation will help you resume the game not too far.

Save slots for several characters

If you are interested in several passages of Hogwarts’s Heritage or want to earn some achievements for a particular faculty, you can also do this by relying on different slots to save.
Hogwarts’s heritage allows players to create up to 4 characters, each for their faculty, if they wish.
Each of these characters receives its own slots for preservation, so you cannot accidentally rewrite the slots to preserve another character.
This gives players wide opportunities to experiment with various options and ways, without fear of losing their progress or starting a game from scratch.
In total, there are 40 cells to preserve the Hogwarts Heritage, but this does not mean that you can use all 40 for one character.
Each character will still be limited only by 10.