Hogwarts Legacy: Detractors Reveal SPOILERS and Launch Boycott on Social Media

Now that Hogwarts Legacy is at all going on sale, many detractors of the project have been trying to boycott in some way, either harassing streamers or inviting not to buy the game.
And now, they have executed a new initiative that implies releasing all types of spoilers in the networks so that no one can enjoy the title.
The community that is not in favor of the positive comments of J.K.
Rowling has filled Twitter with images with important moments of the video game, these have been taken from streamers that have already advanced the adventure.

This through the use of two hashtags: #hogwartlegacy and #Transrightsarehmanrights, so you don’t have to see them.
Given this, those who want to play the title have responded without any problem, confirming that they will play it even if they already gave them spoilers of how the main campaign of this open world ends.
In fact, Hogwarts Legacy has become one of the best-selling PC games, so it would not surprise that huge sales are revealed very soon.


In news related to Hogwarts Legacy.
It is confirmed that one of the game developers decides not to buy the game.
If you want to know more about it, we invite you to click on the following link.
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Editor’s note: Anyway, there are always ways to be against anything.
Anyway, you just have to look very well on the networks to arrive healthy and saved the official launch day.