Explore the Magic of the Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide Pages – Locations Across Avalanches RPG


While Avalanche has actually confirmed this JK Rowling is not directly included in the advancement of Hogwarts Legacy, she deals with her team and Portray Games, a label of Warner Bros. that has been committed to the intro of brand-new experiences, which of JK
Rowling original stories are influenced
It is presently uncertain whether it will get license charges from the sale of the video game, however it is likely that it is based on its original work
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There are a number of hundred Hogwarts Legacy Guidebook Pages Places that are spread in Avalanches RPG
These describe locations, items, areas of the map and more
In this handbook, we handle images from each individual where you can discover them all
We discovered them during our playing through Hogwarts Legacy
So if you start with the Hogwarts Tradition missions or explore the Hogwarts Tradition Card, this is a great starting point


Field manual pages in Hogwarts Legacy are available after Teacher Weasley provided you your field manual
Finding the pages is the crucial to passing the OWLS tests and the video game total
You will not just find them, but likewise finish the challenges of Hogwarts Legacy and earn things and adjustment choices from the collection menu

places of the Hogwarts Legacy Guidebook Pages

Hogwarts-the library growing |
20 field guides pages
Hogwarts-the wing of the belfry |
34 Guidebook pages
Hogwarts-The Agronomist Wing |
23 Field Guide pages
Hogwarts-The Big Stairways |
26 Field Guide pages
Hogwarts-The Great Hall |
24 Guidebook pages
Hogwarts-the south wing |
23 Guidebook pages
Hogsmeade |
55 Guidebook pages
Hogsmeade village |
4 Field Guide pages
North Hogwarts region |
1 field guide page
North Ford Sumps |
2 guidebook pages
South Hogwarts region |
3 guidebook pages
Hogwarts Valley |
8 guidebook pages
Field croft region |
7 guidebook pages
South Seafloor |
1 guidebook page
Cragcroftshire |
2 field guides pages
Lamar coast |
2 field guides pages
The highlands |
31 Guidebook Pages

There are 262 Guidebook Pages areas in Hogwarts Legacy that you can find
This guide remains in progress and is gradually updated with brand-new pages

Hogwarts-locations of the Guidebook Pages of the Astronomy Wing

Page Other
Travel to the Flew Flame of Defense Against The Dark Art Tower and look over the stairs in the middle of the area
The side flies to grab
Hogwarts Regalia phenomenon
Go to the Improvement Court in the astronomy wing
Under the sidewalk, in the broken statue where you can use repair work, you will discover the page that flies around
Do you conjure up action to grab it

Hogwarts-The locations of the South Wing Guidebook Pages

Brought portrait
This page with the portrait of Brought is automatically found as part of the story after Professor Weasley provided you the field leader
You will use Revelry to discover it in the passage

places of the Hogsmeade Field Guide pages

Hollander’s magic steady
Go to the Hogwarts Legacy Colliders Shop
Usage REVELRY outside the front to open a page
Captivated stairs
Get In the Hogwarts Tradition Tomes and Scrolls Shop
Utilize your right Revelry to display the page Other
Go up the stairs at the Hogwarts Legacy Tomes and Scrolls Shop to discover another page that flies around
J. Pippin’s magic potions
Go to J. Pippin’s magic store in Hogwarts Legacy and enter
Inside at the roasting station on the back, usage REVELRY to discover another page
The wonderful KEEP car
Next, go to Hogwarts Tradition The Magic Keep in Hogsmeade
Use Revelry from the service provider to find another page
Glad rag’s magic clothes
Outside of Glad rag’s Wizardweare in Hogwarts Tradition
Usage Revelry to reveal it
Gadara’s mannequin
In Glad rag’s magic clothing
Use REVELRY at the mannequin
The three brooms
Found in the three brooms on the fireplace,
Hen gist from Woodcraft
Found at a statue in the primary courtyard of Hogsmeade
As currently mentioned, we will update this article with additional as soon as we discover it
This covers all places of the Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide Pages
Additional tips and tricks during the game can be found in our directions in our excellent approach to Hogwarts Legacy has brought in substantial criticism during his development, primarily because of the truth that the developer of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling, has actually made a number of transposes on social networks over the last few years.