Compete in the Hogwarts Legacy House Cup: A Magical Challenge of Legacy and Adventure!

Numerous aspects of the legacy of Hogwarts come from movies, books and the universe.
Among the largest is the Hogwarts Legacy House Cup that not only lives in the video game, however likewise has its own event in which you can participate.
Listed below you will discover an overview of what precisely the Hogwarts Tradition Home Cup is, in addition to its version in the game itself. In this way you understand when you can count on Tradition quests for the main story during the Hogwarts.
If you are on the fence to purchase it, all information comes from this handbook from our Hogwarts Legacy evaluation run that you can check out.

Hogwarts Legacy House Cup

The Hogwarts Tradition House Cup is a competition organized by PlayStation, in which you can win a PS5 and the Collectors Edition of the game.
The competitors run up until February 16, 2023.
To be able to have a chance and participate of winning, you require satisfying a number of jobs and difficulties on the Hogwarts Legacy page on the PlayStation website.
These jobs are easy concerns or merely ask you to visit the video game’s shop side or to take a look at a trailer.

How to participate in the Hogwarts Tradition House Cup

To participate in the Hogwarts Tradition House Cup, you can register with your PSN account and the tasks on the done PlayStation website here.
From there, just finish the four missions to take part and increase the opportunity of winning your home.
As soon as you have signed up, you have the chance to win 2 rewards.
So get on while you are waiting to enter the game yourself.

Hogwarts Legacy House Cup objective in the game

The Home Cup likewise occurs in the Hogwarts Tradition game.
In fact, it is the last mission that can be completed after you have actually completed the main project.
With this mission you go to your house Cup ceremony that closes your year as a student.
In order to be able to access this quest, you need to be about level 34.
So you need to grind a lot and run supplementary content on the Hogwarts Legacy card.
Our guide has some useful guidance for suggestions on how to get in Hogwarts Legacy.


You now know everything about the Hogwarts Legacy Home Cup.
If you enter into the video game during this very first publication phase, make sure to read our exemplary procedure for Hogwarts Legacy to get even more pointers, instructions and help when playing.