Why Quidditch Is Not Part Of Hogwarts Legacy: Exploring The Reason Behind Its Absence In The Game

Once we have tried Hogwarts Legacy, we can give you some information and advice of great use for all those who undertake their trip to the School of Magic and Sorcery.
One of them has to do with Quidditch, which as you know will not be part of the title.
The school director in the game, Phineas Nigel Black, after finishing the house selection ceremony, confirmed the sad news for Hogwarts students: Due to a serious injury in the final of spring, the season of the season
Quidditch has been canceled. In this sharp way, he erases one of the students of fun of the students, even threatening to leave them without flying.

Will the Quidditch appear in the future?

Although it is not in the game, the field continues to be, even though they removed Quidditch rings from the field.
This sport is not, but the game has a few winks to this game that many fans would have liked to appear in Hogwarts Legacy.
We will talk about some of these winks, without telling a lot of game of the game itself.
Apart from the progress that left weeks ago in which a Ravenclaw student was seen with the Quidditch uniform, there are several Easter Eggs, from the common rooms themselves, corridors of the castle or in the broom store in which you will get your gadget
to fly.
Finally, in the first flight class, it will give you a certain nostalgia of this magical sport when seeing in motion a baffle, although once entering the class, it disappears.


Also and to conclude, in the flight class they pass through a kind of hoops, which are very similar to those that can be found in the goals of these fields.
The winks and references are many to the Quidditch, but we will have to wait a few months or the progress of the story to see if this mode finally appears in Hogwarts Legacy or comes out in a later DLC.