Unlock the Secrets of Hogwarts Heritage and Reap Your Rewards!

There are several carefully hidden secrets in Hogwarts’s Heritage, for the disclosure of which you can get various awards.
Most likely, you have already stumbled upon some of these secrets of Hogwarts, without even suspecting it, because the game will never marry them like a quest and does not tell you how to fulfill them.
The secrets of Hogwarts are similar to mini-puzzles that need to be solved, and the goals that need to be fulfilled.
There are no tips that will help you solve every puzzle.
At the moment when you find the secret of Hogwarts’s heritage, you must observe your environment and find a solution yourself, using only your mind.
The Hogwarts Heritage needs to reveal three secrets of Hogwarts.
Clock tower
The tolerance key
Via bridge

How to solve the riddle of the bridge Viaduct

In a hidden area under the bridge, a viaduct, which connects the extension of the library with a large hall, is a pair of chests.
The only way to reveal this secret of Hogwarts is to solve a puzzle with a viaduct bridge.
Go to the bridge to find four braces, two on each side.
You need to light these braziers using an innuendo or conferring spell in a certain order to open the hidden area below.
Please note that every fried there is a large engraving, as well as a Roman figure.
The main key to the solution of this puzzle is located on the bridge itself.
Go towards the extension to the library to find on the ground a large round metal plate with the same four engraving next to four Roman numbers.


All you need to do is to light every fried, and then interact with them to compare their engravings with the right Roman numbers, as shown on Earth earlier.
However, if you want to miss all this, the right solution to the puzzle with the Viaduct bridge is shown below.
As soon as all four fried are lit in the correct order, the metal plate will open to open a staircase descending.
You have just unraveled the secret of Hogwarts in the game.
Go down the stairs to the secret area to find a small and large chest at the opposite ends.
Both chests will give you random awards.