Of course, with a magical world full of spells at your disposal, youll want to know just how many spells are in this game.

Discover the Number of Spells Available in Hogwarts Legacy!

If you have ever wanted to unleash your magician or inner witch, Hogwarts Legacy of Avalanche Software is the RPG of action for you.
Of course, with such a great emphasis on sorcery and sorcery, there are enough spells in the game to make your head go around.
Therefore, you will be wondering how many spells are there in Hogwarts Legacy?
And what do they all serve?
With that in mind, we think it would be better if we list them for their reading pleasure.
So, without further delay, let’s start, okay?

All spells in Hogwarts Legacy and what are used for

In total, there are 34 spells in Hogwarts Legacy, and they are the following:
Accio-attracts enemies and objects towards you.

  • Alohomara-Unlock doors.
  • Alterando-alters the physical forms of objects when they are thrown in the Men.
  • Ancient magic-instantly destroys an enemy or inflicts a large amount of damage at the expense of an ancient magic bar.
  • Ancient magical launch-launches objects to enemies.
  • Stop the impulse-does not slow down enemies or objects.
  • Arvada Kedavra-instantly kills the cursed enemies.
  • Basic cast-shoots a ray of magical energy that inflicts damage to enemies.
  • Beast feed-food for beasts.
  • Beasts Beast Brush.
  • Bombardado-inflicts a lot of damage and explodes destroying obstacles and hitting nearby enemies.
  • Presentidigitation-Conjura Articles when used in the Men.
  • Confringing-Long-range fireball.
  • Crucio-curses enemies and inflicts damage over time.
  • Impulse-push and pull objects with tremendous force.
  • Descending-hits objects or enemies against the ground.
  • Difficult-cuts enemies and inflicts considerable damage from afar.
  • Disylusion-A camouflage spell that allows you to mix with your environment.
  • Evanesco-Disappears objects and returns lunar stones when launched in the Men.
  • Expelliarmus-long-range attack that disarms and damages enemies.
  • Flipendo-turn objects or enemies back.
  • glac-freeze enemies by increasing the damage to subsequent attacks.
  • Imperial-temporarily forces enemies to fight for you.
  • Fire-Short-range flame attack.
  • Levioso-Raises enemies and objects in the air.
  • Lumos-Light spell that allows you to see better in the dark.
  • NAB-SACO-A special bag that can be used to rescue and hold animals.


  • Petrifies Totalus-Petrifica the enemies, although the strongest enemies will simply receive damage and will quickly release their effect.
  • Protected-Shield that blocks incoming magical attacks.
  • Repair-Repair broken objects.
  • Revelio-reveals points of interest in its environment.
  • Leave dumbfound-stun the enemies making them vulnerable to attacks.
  • Transformation-Transforms objects and enemies in other forms.
  • Wingardium Leviosa-lifts small objects and enemies in the air.
    As you can see, there are so many spells in Hogwarts Legacy that it is quite complicated to try to follow them all.
    Even so, if you are ever curious, you can always mark this page to help you keep abreast of what everyone does.
    There you have it.
    We hope this has helped give it a clue about how many spells are there in Hogwarts Legacy?
    And what all are for.
    To get more information, here it is explained how to get the Arvada Cedar spell (killer curse) in the game.
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