Changing Your Home at Wizarding World & Hogwarts Legacy: A Guide for Harry Potter Fans

The Warding World website is the best place for Harry Potter fans to participate in competitions, create tools and learn the latest news about Hogwarts Legacy.
In addition, those who register to get a profile can join fun, where they can choose their home, patrons and wand.
So, if you want to adjust this feature, here is how to change your home at Warding World and Hogwarts Legacy.

How do you change your house at Warding World?

You can change your home at Warding World with one of the following methods:
Eliminate your account and start again.
Register with another email.
Make the selection hat questionnaire at the Harry Potter Fan Club mobile application.
The first option is relatively simple and does not take too long, since users can quickly eliminate their account in the configuration and re-carry out the process.
You can also register with another account whenever you use a different email address.
Alternatively, you can download the Harry Potter Fan Club application and log in to change your profile.
Then, all that users have to do is select their home from there and choose the option Start the classification ceremony.


Image source: screen capture via Harry Potter Fan Club
If you want a specific house, you can check our guides on how to get each:

Can you change your home at Hogwarts Legacy?

Unfortunately, Hogwarts Legacy players will not be able to adjust their house in the game because it will already be recorded in stone once you finish the phase of the selecting hat.
Even so, you can make several saved to try a different story.

That is enough for our guide on how to change your home at Warding World.
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