Unraveling the Coded Doors Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy: How to Find the Right Combination of Animal Symbols

Some time after choosing your home in Hogwarts Legacy, you will probably come across one of the first puzzles of the game during the guided tour Weasley.
The first challenge in question is a closed door surrounded by closed door, surrounded by animal symbols.
By activating it, you will make a riddle appear on its surface.
This is far from being the most complicated puzzle in the game.
Even so.
It is possible to waste a lot of time on it, especially because there are many things to observe around.

How to unravel the doors of the doors?

As in the franchise, each door has a specific secret that should be unraveled.
The coded doors usually have the same model;
To simplify, we will use the first door as an example.
In it, each animal located around it corresponds to a number.
To open the door, you need to discover the missing numbers and correspond to the spaces with question marks.
Remember: The result of the sum is the middle number.
Note the plates located on each side of the door.
You can rotate them until they are correctly positioned so that the numbers of the three surrounding figures, s0s, give the center result.
To introduce mechanics, the two plates are next to the first door.
However, it will not always be like this;
In some doors, you must walk a little to find the respective swivel plates.

just decorate

Although it is puzzles that, over time, become automatic, another option is to calculate the head.
To do this, you need to find out the number of each animal, information is in a document found in the arithmance room.
See then the number related to each animal:
Therefore, the number that corresponds to symbols has nothing to do with the number of paws or something similar.
The presence of zero number was also a small trap that could distort their attempts to guess the value of the animals.


However, it should be noted that some puzzles seemed quite strange to us, with distorted answers.
It is unclear if this was a bug or a developer error.
If the correct answer is not available on the tokens, use the nearest animal.

Solutions of all doors

If you do not want to do the bills for each door or try one by one, here are all the answers to the puzzles.
All doors are located in the territory of Hogwarts.