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Sylas Struggles to Find Success in All Three Roles: Low Win Rates in Mid, Jungle, and Top


Silas bad win rate in mid-lane is quite unexpected, though. He hasn’t received any major changes and counts on products most AP mages do. Still, the champ needs to synergize well with the team, which can be often hard to accomplish in solo queue, to say the least.

Currently, Silas has a win ratio lower than 49 percent in mid-lane, jungle, and leading lane in Platinum+ ranks, according to a League stat site, U.GG. In the mid-lane, which is the main position for the Unshackled, he has the ninth-lowest win rate of 48.95 percent. In the jungle and leading lane he has actually recorded 48.25 and 47.68 percent win rates, respectively.

Still, Silas is a popular choice in competitive leagues. In the 2023 LCK Spring Split, he has actually been selected 22 times in the mid-lane up until now, recording a 64 percent win rate, according to a League stat website Oracles Elixir. This proves that once he’s in right hands, he may rule supreme on the Rift.

One popular League of Legends champ is having a hard time to produce a decent win rate in 3 different functions.

As far as the jungle goes, the case is similar. The greatest champs in the role in the present meta are Mackie, Alum, Fiddlesticks, and Elise. All of them supply either strong banks or powerful late-game team fights damage or crowd control, and without being exceptional in any of these areas, Silas normally has to play catch up in jungle.

Silas disappointing outcomes might have been an outcome of the meta in the functions when it comes to the top lane and jungle. The former is controlled by fighters and tanks, who can often bully Silas throughout the landing phase, and typically show more helpful to their groups in five-vs-five team fights than a top lane mage, who on top of that often falls back early.