Can You Sleep and How to Change the Time of Day in Hogwarts Legacy?

The world of Hogwarts awaits you in Hogwarts Legacy, allowing you to live your magical fantasies and witchcraft within the worlds of the iconic magic school.

The game gives you the possibility of exploring the land of the school and the magical world that surrounds it at your craving in an open world experience, but it is possible that some players wonder if you can change the time of day at Hogwarts Legacy to go
to sleep.
Well, there are actually two different answers here, which we will see below.

Can you sleep at Hogwarts Legacy?

If you have been wondering if it is possible to sleep in the bedroom of your house, then the answer is that no, you cannot sleep to change the time of day.


However, that does not mean that you cannot change from day to night, or vice versa in the game.
It simply means that you do not need to address this sanctuary within the Hogwarts walls to do so.

How to change the time of day at Hogwarts Legacy

To change the time of day, press the touch panel in PlayStation or the View button on Xbox to appear the map and then press the rightly joystick (R3/RS) to appear the option to change the time of day.
So everything you need to do is select the time of the day you want to change and then confirm your decision by pressing x/a.
Now the game will advance time, so you can explore the magical world at night… or by day, what you have changed!
It is worth noting that you cannot change the time of day at a very specific hour.
In other words, you cannot change it at the golden time, so you can see Hogwarts in all its splendor bathed by the sun at sunset or at dawn.
Instead, you will have the option to change between day or night, and that’s all.
And that is all you need to know about how the time of day changes at Hogwarts Legacy for going to sleep.
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