Can You Save Multiple Games In Hogwarts Legacy? Heres What You Need To Know

Hogwarts Legacy allows PC and console players to be students at the Hogwarts School in the Harry Potter franchise.
While there are not many options for players in the game, classes are still expected to approve.


Is it possible to return to an earlier keeping if something goes wrong?
Here is everything you need to know you can have multiple games saved in Hogwarts Legacy.

Can you have several games saved at Hogwarts Legacy?

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The quick answer is that yes, Hogwarts Legacy supports multiple saved.
Players can manually save their game by opening the pause menu and selecting Save game in the Save/Load and Exit submenu.
You can also load a different save from the same submenu in loading game.
The game has an automatic saving function that will constantly keep after achieving a goal or collecting a collectible, but it is good to have a difficult save in case something goes wrong.
Especially when there is enough space for up to 10 saved slots.
Hogwarts Legacy players can also create several characters, so people living in the same home and share a copy do not have to share the same character or progress.
That is all you need to know you can have multiple games saved in Hogwarts Legacy.

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