Unlock Exclusive Rewards For Hogwarts Legacy By Linking Your Twitch Account On February 7th!

For some time now, it has prevailed for the Amazon Associate streaming platform to designers at the launch of their games.
Hence, in this purest custom, it is possible to do cosmetics on Hogwarts Legacy by linking his WB Games and Twitch account.
Looking at a couple of hours of play on the platform, it is possible to get a number of exclusive awards.

How to connect your WB Games and Twitch account?

From Tuesday, February 7 and up until Friday, February 24, Twitch is commemorating the Hogwarts Legacy launch with a Drops project.
Taking a look at an overall of 120 minutes (2 hours) of play on the Amazon platform, 4 cosmetics can be acquired.
A conquest can be opened through the Avalanche Software application channel on February 7 and 10.
1. Connect your WB Games and Twitch accounts on the devoted page (as soon as connected to the website, it is possible to check that the link is made in the WB Games account settings).
2. Watch 2 hours of Hogwarts Legacy or more material on Twitch (a notification warns you as quickly as a new drop is acquired).
3. Install Hogwarts Legacy and link with WB Games.
4. Claim the awards on the Twitch loot page.
For the current cosmetics, scheduled for the designer chain, more precise schedules should be observed.
Therefore, you need to get involved for 20 minutes in the launch stream on February 7 and 10 at 5:00 p.m. (French time).

All Drops Jerk for Hogwarts Legacy.

The loots offered on Twitch are only cosmetic.
Among them, 4 are opened every 30 minutes on Simple which channel in the game category. The last Sentient looking at 20 minutes from developers’ stream.


  • Argent dragon glasses-30 minutes of viewing.
  • Dour sin Béret-60 minutes of viewing.

  • Carmine declare scarf-90 minutes of watching.
  • Lila’s set-120 minutes of viewing.
  • Merlin coat-20 minutes on Avalanche stream.
    All this clearly does not do anything in the game. It only sag its cosmetics to strut in the passages of Hogwarts.