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Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown: Dachist Dungeon 2 Is Releasing On Steam May 9th!

Probably not a lot of gamers on the keyboard with this game.
The notorious game Daoist Dungeon, which is notorious for making gamers’ mentality into powder in a moment.
The sequel, Darkest Dungeon 2, will be released on May 9th after long-standing early access.

‘Daoist Dungeon 2’ deals with the previous Daoist Dungeon.
The world was caught in darkness due to the evil of ancient times, and therefore at the crossroads of destruction.


The player, who became a lord in his previous work, recruited heroes and colleagues and sent it as a dungeon of the estate, now leads them to defeat the evil who eats the world by walking around in a wagon.

There are three major changes in Darkest Dungeon 2, which is different from the previous work.
The first is the change of the stage.
In the previous work, the stage of the game was a dungeon in the territory, but the stage of Racist Dungeon 2 is the world outside the world.
As the stage was wider, the player’s work also increased.
Now, you may have to climb a snowy mountain, as well as the familiar ruins.

The options also increased even more.
It is a kind of exploration element that can endure some damage and help people, or in preparation for the next battle, avoid battle and move to the next area.

Unlike the previous work, which was only one battle, freedom is strengthened.

Of course, all the responsibility depends on the player.
The heroes of Racist Dungeon 2 are not just characters.
Some heroes welcome the player’s choice, while someone is complaining.
This tendency does not only be a personal factor but also affects the relationship with other heroes.
A kind of crush system provides a variety of variables in battle.

Hero relationships are basically divided into three types of ordinary, positive, and fraud, but positive is not a good impact.
For example, when the two heroes are loved, they are attacked instead of their opponents, but sometimes they are stressed when they are injured, so the things to worry have increased.

Darkest Dungeon 2 will be officially released on the Epic Games Store and Steam on May 9.
You can download the demo version for the current Steam Next Fest, and you do not support Korean.
However, as the previous work has been formally updated in the future, the Korean language support of ‘Racist Dungeon 2’ is also expected.