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Darkest Dungeon 2: Final Release Date and Demo Announced – Get Ready For An Epic Adventure!

I need to play my Lagrange list of interesting, which is anticipated to be released in 2023, to broaden another prospect!
The designers of the Red Hook Studios have actually revealed that Darkest Dungeon 2 needs to commemorate the final release on May 8, 2023.


If you want, you can currently look at the damned trip in a demo on Steam.
Far you can just buy the game in the impressive games shop, since there was the early gain access to stage.
Expense: 23.99 euros.

Why are we looking forward to The Darkest Dungeon 2?

The truth that we have an eye on Darkest Dungeon 2 in the editorial group is on the first part of The Darkest Dungeon (in the test), who drove us insane in 2016 (and also in the following years), and I mean it positively.
The splendidly dark strategy RPG with the incredibly great atmosphere simply has a terrific art design, the finest spokesman for computer game history and gameplay aspects about ticks and tension, which all lead characters (and at times likewise the player) drive into the crazy
The 2nd part began in the Early access phase in the impressive games shop on October 26, 2021.

Again: representative Wayne June and lots of well-known aspects from the very first part.
However, there are also all sorts of distinctions compared to the predecessor.
That you purposely put together your four-member celebration in advance and can just pack the classes known from the very first part as soon as.
Or that you can now marvel at 3D-Statt 2D designs.
You can find more info about The Darkest Dungeon 2 in this interview summary of the designers from November 2021.
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Karsten Scholz