Choosing The Right Difficulty Level In Hogwarts Legacy: What You Need To Know Before Your Adventure Begins

Hogwarts Legacy is finally available in advance access on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, and the first choice you will have to make even before the home distribution ceremony is the difficulty mode.
Depending on your video game experience and RPG ambitions, here are some tips to choose well.
Note that you can modify you at any time during your adventure, even during a final fight against the boss!

What mode of difficulty choosing?

When you start Hogwarts Legacy, while creating your character, you will be asked to choose a level of difficulty.
Unfortunately, your descriptions are not very detailed, and so we give the following suggestions:
History: Choose this mode if you want to enjoy the story without taking the risk of dying, having to restart a dungeon or even carefully think about your equipment.
Estimated game time: 20 hours.
Easy: Choose this mode to enjoy the story, but also if you are new to the RPG genre.
You will be constantly oriented (with the buttons displayed on the screen) to find out when protecting yourself in combat, for example.
Estimated game time: between 20 and 25 hours.
Normal: a mode with more challenge.
Tutorials are no longer displayed constantly, so you will have to find out on your own after the introduction.
Enemies are more difficult, and it will be necessary to equip well, use healing and strengthening potions intelligently, or even have to accumulate experience to achieve a correct level before their upcoming missions.

Play time required: 30 hours.
Difficult: A mode for RPG veterans who are not afraid of dying and are willing to restart boss and dungeon fights several times.
You will always have to dodge at the right time, risking being knocked out in one or two blows.
Note that this choice will obviously affect the difficulty of enemies, but also the game time needed to complete it.


For example, in history mode, you don’t have to spend hours by earning experience and better quality equipment to be able to face bosses.

is the hard way the best?

If you want to play Hogwarts Legacy just for the scenario, exploration of the castle and all that Harry Potter taste, we advise you to choose the story mode or the easy.
On the other hand, if you do not want to finish the game very quickly, prioritize the normal mode.
And finally, if you like RPGs, choose the difficult way, which offers a lot more challenges.
But don’t expect an Elden Ring!
Even in hard mode, Hogwarts Legacy will still offer help to solve puzzles, for example.
You will be killed much more easily, in just two or three blows, but you will hardly suffer from Hit Kill Apollo.