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VelKoz: The Most Unexpectedly Powerful Support Champion In Challenger League Of Legends Games

Possibly the greatest reason for this high win rate is the low sample size that Velez is likewise sporting. While the champ remains in a good location in terms of balance, his low play rate could serve a function in why he has a skewed win rate. Overall, Velez is the 33rd-most played champ at the assistance position out of 38 eligible champs, according to U.GG.

Among all the assistance champions currently being played in League of Legends solo queue games at the Challenger rank, one peculiar choice stands above the remainder of the field with an incredible win rate: Velez.

While other champions like Name, Hakan, and others have slightly lowed success rates in Opposition games right now, they also have even more games played, providing a greater element of consistency. Fewer games played methods less chances to lose, after all.


Velez holds the highest win rate among all assistance champions (in addition to all champions, total) in Opposition games on Patch 13.1, according to League statistics site U.GG. His 57.1 percent win rate outranks all other champs at the position, consisting of Lulu, Karma, and Nautilus.

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For numerous years, Velez has been a go-to option for players at lower ELO who were aiming to play a mage in the support position to deal damage. Now, however, he’s looking to be a feasible choice in high-end video games as well– even if he does not have the extensive popularity to back it up just.

The assistance position has actually been undergoing a series of changes on the professional stage as of late. Pros are picking two AD carries in the bottom lane in an effort to deal more poke damage and make gold via their assistance items at a faster rate. Velez fits a comparable bill since his long-range geometric poke can be a nuisance during the landing stage.