Is Square Enix Facing A Crisis? A Look At Their Upcoming Fiscal Year 2022-2023


The figures in the table take into account the set of Square Enix and for that reason its secondary trades that are the books, play areas and derivatives
By isolating computer game activity, turnover over 9 months is 1.3 billion euros (down 27%) and operating revenue of 272 million euros (down 10%)

Complimentary fall game sales

This comeback of exceptional cash must not make us forget that business is rather unequal at the moment at Square Enix
First and in spite of the release of a great deal of video games on consoles and PC (let us point out Power wash Simulator, Live A Live, Dragon Mission X Offline, Valkyrie Elysium, Star Ocean The Divine Force, Methods Troll Reborn, Crisis Core Final Dream
VII, Dragon Quest Treasures), the turnover of this section remains in decrease compared to that of the previous workout
The volume is likewise in complimentary fall with 16.4 million games distributed between April and December 2022, compared to 29.4 million a year previously (mainly outriders, rejecting replica, Last Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, Life is Odd Real Colors, Marvel’s
Guardian of the Galaxy, Final Fantasy XIV End walker, Triangle Technique, Complete Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin)
The same chooses the MMO section, the drop of which is however more waited for and logical: Square Enix released Final Dream XIV End walker in the previous exercise and the game does not take advantage of such an extension each year
IOS and Android video games still represent the largest turnover, however the latter likewise dropped compared to the previous year
If he still has a great fifteen profitable mobile games, a few of which have been operational since 2014, Square Enix just recently announced the closings of titles like Final Dream VII the First Soldier and Dragon Quest the Experience of Die: A Hero’s Bonds

Appropriately careful, Square Enix did not wish to interact a goal for the last quarter of his financial year, whose main getaways are For spoken, Theatrhythm Final Bar Line and Sociopath Traveler II
Problem, dissatisfaction is currently palpable when it pertains to the first called
Circulation of turnover (April-December 2022)

The observation of the title of the short article is a little extreme, especially because Square Enix is far from any kind of crisis in the present state of things, however the fiscal year 2022-2023 does not look up
expectations for the Japanese publisher
Multiplying trips over the period from April to December 2022, Square Enix has a drop in turnover for the time being (1.8 billion euros versus 1.9 billion euros) and its operating profit
(290 million euros instead of 352 million euros)
Net profit, nevertheless, is increasing dramatically with 326 million euros against 280 million euros over the exact same period a year earlier
In addition to the boost of exchange gains, this boost is explained by the sale of the studios and licenses of Lidos Interactive (Lidos Montréal, Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix Montréal, Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Legacy of Main…)
To the Group Kiss for $300 million
This tromped’oil gain is for that reason not a reflection of any winning strategy, unless depriving yourself of a franchise like Tomb Raider (95 million video games offered on the planet) is considered a nice blow, however this sale could permit Square Enix to finish the financial year on the most significant net earnings in its history
Square Enix results
Period |
Turnover |
Functional benefit |
Net profit
April 2021-December 2021 |
1.9 billion euros |
352 million euros |
280 million euros
April 2022-December 2022 |
1.8 billion euros |
290 million euros |
326 million euros.