Summers War: Chronicle Launches At The Taipei Game Show, Get Ready To Join The Battle!

Comes participated in the Taipei Game Show, which will be held at the Taipei Nan River Exhibition Center from February 2 to 5 before the global launch of ‘Summers War: Chronicle’.

‘Summers War: Chronicle’, which adds MMORPG to the strategy of combining the summons of ‘Summers War’, which recorded 180 million downloads, was elected in Korea in August, and has since expanded its service area including North America.
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Com2uS has prepared a place where Taiwanese users can first demonstrate ‘Summers War: Chronicle’ before the launch of the Taipei Game Show.
At the same time, the pre-booking promotion and teaser were released, and the booth girls and courses that promoted events throughout the field were placed to promote users.

In addition, on the booth main stage, an event with the local influencer of Taiwan for one hour every day, attracting users’ attention.
Today (4th) invited a famous influencer and cheerleader ‘Jun jun’, and a variety of events, including 1+3 dance challenges containing the theme of Chronicle: Chronicle.

At the end of the event, Q & A with the developers continued.


Lee Punjab, head of the production division of Comes, who was on stage as a representative of the development team, thanked the local users for the first time at the Taipei Game Show, but the heat is very hot.
Summers War: The characteristic of Chronicle is that Lee Punjab, head of the manufacturing division, explained that the user carries three summonses and directly controls the strategy of manual combat and the summary of the summoner combination.
I will be able to feel enough satisfaction in the fun, he said. We will try to maintain good services continuously.