Get Ready For Summers War: Chronicles Launch In Taiwan – An Interview With Com2us On The Taipei Game Show

Comes participated in the Taipei Game Show, which will be held at the Taipei Nan River Exhibition Center from February 2 to 5 ahead of the launch of Taiwan and Asia in Taiwan and Asia.
Summers War: Chronicle is based on the ‘Summers War’ IP, which has recorded 180 million downloads in global, and was elected in Korea in August.
It is characterized by the unique fun of combining various Peters according to the attributes and skills to form its own deck and combat the fun of the summoner and the summons.

Since its launch in North America in November last year, Summers War: Chronicle, who took the first step toward the global market starting from the Taipei Game Show.
I was able to listen to Lee Punjab, head of the production department for the expectation of the Taipei Game Show and the strategy of the global launch.

Q. This time, Summers War: Chronicle first participated in the booth at the Taipei Game Show.

= Summers War;
The Chronicle’s Taiwanese service was carried out more closely and actively prepared and promoted.
After launching Korea in August last year and launching the US in December, the experience has accumulated and will not be released globally.
In preparation for this, I thought Taiwan’s gamers were very similar to Korea.
It is also one of the big markets in Asia.
So I attended the Taipei Game Show to inform Chronicle and confirm the response of Taiwanese users.

In addition, Chronicle’s domestic performance was more than expected.
But at that time, it was a pity that we had no experience in the beginning because we opened MMORPG for a long time.
In the meantime, such experiences have accumulated in Korea and North American services.
In the beginning, Chronicle was also a Summers War IP, so there was a similar part, so I balanced it based on the existing Summers War.
The chronicle is Chronic, and the perforated arena is an arena of perforation.
It was a lot of service while the service, and now I have confidence and make it the first foot to enter the global market.

Q. It is said that we have a place to target Taiwanese market while communicating with Taiwanese users. How are you doing?

= At the Chronicle booth, an event with Taiwan’s influencers for one hour every day.
In particular, on February 4th, it will be a place where you can go directly to the stage with Taiwanese famous influencer and local model ‘Pun pun’ and greet Taiwanese users.

As mentioned earlier, I was a little cautious when it was launched in Korea and North America.
But after opening twice, I wanted to be a result of the early days.
As we have been doing a lot of casual game services, we have been cautious in the beginning, and we realized that MMORPG should be more aggressive on it.
The Taipei Game Show is also part of such a strategy.

Q. To some extent service in Korea and to enter the global market based on this, how is the domestic Chronicle recent situation?
Another plan in 2023?

= The update contents planned for the last few months have been carried out as scheduled.
9 VS 9 Team PVP mode improvement of ‘Battlefield’, 1 vs 1 VS 1 real-time PVP introduction to the Arena, a van pic system, Garages ruins contents updates, guild raids, and new elite raids.
I have been working on it.

In 2023, new continental updates, equipment synthesis systems, new equipment, summoner skill expansion, new elite raid, guild housing system, guild occupation system, summoner pattern system, and new summoning class continuously prepare big contents
I do it.
In addition, in order to meet the requests of users, the Arena Friendship Mode, Training Center, New Battlefield and Battlefield Rankings are being prepared.

Q. My previous Summers War recorded 180 million downloads, but Chronicles is not preparing global services in earnest.
How much is Summers War in China and Southeast Asia, and what is the strategy to appeal to Chronicle?

The arena of the perforation was ranked No. 1 in Taiwan, and has been ranked at the top every major update.
Although it has been released for a long time, indicators are growing steadily for nearly two years, and loyalty is high.
We maintain the market by local care, and the indicators of the Asia-Pacific region are at the top.

In Korea and North America first, Chronicle has a high proportion of PCs as well as Google and App Store.
However, the number of proximity of the North American Steam is maintained at more than 3-4,000, and the Thailand OBT has been tested by loosening the payment on the premise of refunds.

Southeast Asia believes that it is close to Korea and the play tendency is similar to Korea.
In particular, Taiwan is also a market for Korean games.
As we have accumulated know-how with Korea and North American services, we are preparing to achieve results in the global and Taiwan markets.

In more detail, we expect that downloads and sales will be at the top.
Taiwan is an important market in Asia, so we are preparing for marketing to become a top tier, including participating in the Taipei Game Show.
The Taipei Game Show is the first button.
In order to launch a global launch, we are also preparing a separate surprise gift, and will be released according to the future schedule.

Localized items or that actually have a server, but they want to manage them as a one-build, so it’s a place for each server, rather than an independent event for a particular server.
For example, in Cause, we are not only in the Korean server to hold a related event, but also in North America.

Q. We showed a new method called summoned MMORPG that uses Summers War’s distinctive elements with MMORPG.

= When I first created a chronicle, I made a real-time combat game based on Summers War IP, and a game where many games can play games together in the same space.
It wasn’t caught by MMORPG from the beginning.
Summers War does not come out, and only the summoner comes out.
But this time, it would be fun if the user became a summoner and joined with the summons.
That was the first concept.
It’s a collection type, so MMORPG did not approach that way.
Rather, why should I have such elements and how to be fun?

In fact, if MMORPG in Korea, other types come to mind first.
In fact, if the title of mobile is running, the user’s involvement will be inevitable.
But I thought I should not miss it.
Summers War was able to succeed abroad because the automatic battle was limited to farming and the user’s involvement was high.
So it was upgraded a lot there.
Of course, I wanted to make a repetitive battle automatically, but I wanted to give more feelings that the user plays while managing it.

The main story ending emphasized that with the sensitivity of the single player package game, and since then, I tried to emphasize the face as a multiplayer game.
Party play such as a three-person raid and a six-person seal, and there is no composition to control and cooperate with various strategic strategies according to the party and the summoner combination.
The same is true for 9 vs 9 battlefields.

It would have been simpler if it had been made of domestic MMORPG sensitivity, but we went in this direction because we were aiming global from the beginning.
I thought Summers War was a global IP, so I thought I needed a method other than an existing MMORPG.

Following the domestic North American service, I think that Chronicle’s gameplay has been proven to some extent.
And Chronicle’s attraction is that he uses the various strategic strategies according to the summoner combination, the charm of the Summers War worldview, and emphasizes that it is different from the existing MMORPG with a slogan of 1+3 in Taiwan market to appeal the combination of summoners and summons.
I do it.

Q. Summers War IP will also be missing global e-sports, but I’m curious about the e-sports revitalization plan since the launch of Summers War: Chronicle’s global launch.

= It seems to be a story after the game went well, and after the game was revived, it would be right to e-sports.
The foundation is already being solved.
First, in February, influencers are developing a friendly match between the influencers, and they will be introduced first on the Korean server and then apply them one by one in North America and global.
After the Friendship Mode, we will continue to check the possibilities by stepping up the possibility of watching the mode of watching and the influencer tournament based on this.
Then, if users want to be interested, this base will gradually expand.

Q. Although it is more fun than collectible or MMORPG, it is usually not possible to proceed according to the grammar of the genre when users usually approach.
Taiwanese users explain the content approach to conveying the charm of Chronicle?

It is believed that the Taiwanese market is similar to Korea, but in the beginning, I would like to make a look at the game that the game is somewhat built while following the story.
As mentioned earlier, it progresses to some extent package sensitivity, and the content that we go together later will not increase.
There is a lot of focus on the process of making it stronger.
From making the summoner strong, it is a comprehensive combination of its own control as well as the specifications of the summary.