Dont Miss Out: Get A Samsung 4K QLED TV With 120Hz And HDMI 2.1 For A Steal Until

At Otto, you can now get the 4K television Samsung LED Q70A geared up with 120 Hz and HDMI 2.1 in the special deal.
For the version with 55 inches, you just pay EUR 509.15 (RAP: EUR 1299).
On the shop page you will initially reveal a rate of EUR 599, however you will still get additional discount rate if you click 15% extra conserve! And the code you discover there.
Here is the offer:
Samsung LED Q70A 4K-TV 55 inches (RRP: EUR 1299) for EUR 509.15 at Otto
According to the comparison platform Ideal, the television is no place else so inexpensive, Amazon remains in 2nd place with EUR 829.
The extra discount at Otto is only available till Monday.
After that, you would have to pay EUR 599 again if the LED TV is not currently sold out until then.


By the way, at Otto there are also 15 percent additional discount on numerous other 4K Televisions, including premium LG OLED Televisions.
You can discover the introduction here:
4K Televisions low-cost at Otto: now safe 15% extra discount rate

How good is the Samsung Q70A?

Contrasting photo: The Samsung Q70A is a 4K TV television that offers an excellent image quality for its present price.
It not just has LED, which guarantees a better color screen, but also a VA panel that produces a high-contrast image.
In addition, the peak brightness has to do with twice as high similar to low-budget-4K Televisions, which implies that HDR can be much better utilized.
You have to do without the Local Dimming and the mini LED lighting, which are utilized in Samsung’s high-end models.
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The very best Gaming-4K Televisions 2023 comparison for PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series
Excellent for gaming: The Samsung Q70A has a 120 Hz screen and HDMI 2.1, which makes it possible for the PS5 or the Xbox Series X Gaming with 4K 120 FPS.
In contrast to the more recent Q70B, this just deals with the Q70A on one and not on all 4 connections.
VAR (Variable Refresh Rate) and All (Auto Low Latency Mode) are supported.
The input was only 5 to 6 ms at 120 Hz and around 11 ms at 60 Hz, which is outstanding values for gaming.

Samsung LED Q70A 4K-TV 55 inches (RRP: EUR 1299) for EUR 509.15 at Otto
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