NUC 9 Extreme Review – Is This Tiny PC Really Worth It?

The device is completely warming up, the processor’s heat values of roughly 90 degrees C being rather typical at the limitation.
Thermal strangulation, nevertheless?
Not actually an issue.
It is just extremely hardly ever that I taped a clock listed below 4 GHz, and my GPU managed effectively in the hard areas.
Fall it down to the side completely in mesh.
The integrated fans are regrettably far from silent, with a noticeably audible groan even in sluggish motion.
It is far from the levels of the PS4 Pro, however nonetheless noisy.
To come back to my preliminary concern, who is this thing?
The value proposal is unsure if it is for living space gamers.
Loaded with the essential elements, you are looking for about $2,000 for a NFC 9 Extreme.
With my 2070 Super, it uses around 9 teraflops of graphic performance-enough to hold on to the new generation consoles (yes, I understand that the varieties of teraflop can not be compared 1: 1 between architectures, but I am in
playing here).
When the AMD mini cards 30 NVIDIA series and 6000 series have actually landed, it will be possible to pass comfortably in front of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.
Let’s be reasonable.
NFC 9 Extreme is an extremely well-designed machine.
It is a high-end item, designed to look cool, be small and do whatever you get out of a PC.
It is a narrow specific niche market, but the NFC 9 Extreme does these things roughly perfectly.
Again, for $2,000, you can likewise purchase brand-new generation systems, a switch and a plethora of games.
What course is the very best?
Everything depends on you.


  • Excellent performance
  • Exceptional element
  • Great deals of ports

The bad

  • Noisy fans
  • Super expensive

Intel is typically understood for processors.
For the majority of the last 20 years, they have absolutely crushed competitors with much greater efficiency, especially in games.
From time to time, they diversify.
Of all, it was with fast and howling SSDs, then it was the small line of PC NFC.
I use their most current PC-and the hardest part-for a few months now, and even if I actually like the NFC 9 Extreme, I do not know who it is for.
Let’s discover it all.
The NFC 9 Extreme-known as Ghost Canyon-is really, truly, little.
About 9 square inches and less than 4 inches thick, it has less internal volume than a PS4 Pro.
What you can load in this little setting is strong enough to compete with the new generation consoles, and a fraction of the size.
My test gadget (a nuc9i9qnx) showed up as it would do a merchant, without RAM, storage or GPU.
A perfect chance to tear a brand-new equipment!
It is a remarkably strong sensation.
The clips and panels are all extremely resilient, and separating the system is child’s play.
Inside, the elements changes by the user are incredibly easy to access.
A 500W 80 Plus Platinum power supply is sort of stuck in the bottom of the case, so there is no external brick to be feared.
The CPU and the GPU fit into a PCI-E place set on the tiny main map, permitting users to alter the central system later.
In the existing state of things, he carried out a Core i9 9980HK to a base of 2.4 GHz, increasing up to 5.0 GHz.
I included 16 GB of RAM of 3000 MHz, some NVMe M. 2 discs and a Total 2070 Super in the mix, although the GPU needs a small adjustment of the fan fairing (read: I sawed it
part) to remove the frame.
NFC 9 is plainly designed to have just 8-pin GPUs, but there is an additional PCI-E power cable television on board.
With a lot of mistakes and tests, I managed to fish it, plug it in and close whatever.
I would state, nevertheless, that if you wish to become a punk on the GPU forehead, find a PCI-E Design L extension to make sure you have a great clearance all over.
Completely equipped, there is precisely no micron of void in the event.
It is a relatively amazing technical feat to have such an efficient package, while preserving outstanding ease of access for modifications and material repair work.
The case is likewise classy, without lighting or accessories, except the ghostly skull logo on the side panel.
He looks exceptional and really is worthy of to be on a desk rather than under it.
Relating to connectivity, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are incorporated and the variety of ports readily available is exceptional with a lot of USB 3.1 connections and a set of Thunderbolt ports.
For all useful functions, this small maker can act as a complete replacement of the office.

You will not find them here if you are looking for an ocean of recommendation graphics.
I am more thinking about the feeling of this thing.


The average day-to-day jobs weep out quickly thanks to the storage setup.
2.4 GHz seems too sluggish, but in practice, the system oscillates above 4.5 GHz in many cases.

I played several current video games to see what I felt in relation to my typical machine, and truthfully, I would have problem saying if I couldn’t see the box.
The Skylines Control, Death Stranding, Gear Techniques and Cities were not differentiated from my usual system with the same GPU.
Flight Simulator is the last thing that makes the processors weep, and NFC 9 managed it very well, hovering around this clock of 4.5 GHz while offering ~ 30 images per 2nd to high settings in 4K.
Ditto for heavy processor loads like the Adobe CC suite, where things remained stable during heavy making charges, and revealed rendering times not far from my typical configuration of Ry zen 7. Is it slower than
A monster cooled with water and strongly overclocking?
But NFC 9 remains in a basic lunch bag, while my Tour PC weighs a ton.
If you are somebody who likes to rest on a workplace playing CIV 6, but the idea of playing Flight Simulator in your living space is just as attractive, and you want just one computer system,
You could be the target audience of NFC 9. Extreme.