Hogwarts Legacy Release Time: Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Download and Launch Times


Hogwarts Legacy will finally be released for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.
If you pre-registered the game, you are probably wondering when you can download it and especially what time you can play it.
Check out all the official information revealed by Avalanche Software.

Hogwarts Legacy Pre-Download

Firstly, be aware that you can pre-decade game data on your PS5 or Xbox Series (unfortunately not possible for the PC).
This will save considerable time on the day of release as you don’t have to download the whole game.
A definitive advantage when you find that Hogwarts Legacy weighs at least 85 gigs in its state-of-the-art standard version.
No Xbox Series X | S (Digital and Physics): You can now download the game data in any version.
To do this, you can use the Xbox mobile app and log in to your account or console directly.
On PS5: For deluxe and collector versions, you must wait until Feuary 5, 2023, to download data in advance to be able to play it on Feuary 7 (early access).
For the default version, the download will open on Feuary 8 for the official release on the 10th.

What time will the Legacy hogwarts be released?

Launch days on each platform

  • Feuary 7, 2023: Deluxe and collector version (early access) on PC, Xbox Series and PS5
  • Feuary 10, 2023: default release on PC, Xbox Series and PS5
  • April 4, 2023: All versions released on PS4 and Xbox One
  • July 25, 2023: All versions released on the Nintendo Switch.

Release time on PC

At Steam and Epic Games Store, Hogwarts Legacy will be available at 15h (asília time) on Feuary 7 for early access and 15h from 10 Feuary for global launch.
As you may have understood, you will not be able to enjoy Hogwarts Legacy from midnight on your release day… You will have to wait for many hours, especially since pre-download is not active.
Many netizens are already angry on networks and want to be reimbursed at least by the Deluxe edition.
Although not ideal, it really offers 72h of early access.

release time at Xbox Series X/S and PS5

Unlike the PC, the console versions will be released at midnight in point in your region.
This means that no matter where you live, Hogwarts Legacy will be unlocked when your watch shows midnight from Feuary 7 for early access or Feuary 10 for global release.