How To Get The Limited-Time Goblin Weather Machine Toy In World Of Warcraft

Another Twitch Drops round for World of Warcraft is approaching, and players can pick up the Goblin Weather Machine toy by watching the corresponding streamer.
Although this is not as attractive as the loss of Mount, there is no real reason to miss free objects.

How to get a goblin meteorological machine in World of Warcraft

WoW players who want to get a toy will have to watch streamers for four hours, who has drops from February 1 at 13:00 East to February 6 at 2:59 PM on eastern time. Translation of suitable streamers will be clearly marked as from
Included drops, so the audience just needs to double-check and make sure that the toy is moving forward.


After four hours are viewed, players will have to request a loss on Twitch.
After that, the toy will automatically appear in World of Warcraft, provided that and Twitch accounts are connected.
Like Feedback before, the weather machine of the goblins was a cosmetic object, which could only be obtained in the now non-existent collection card game.
Players who spent a lot of money by adding it to their inventory will regret it, since now it is available for free.
Although it is not as valuable as Belgrade’s riding animal, the Goblin weather machine could cost players more than $150.

how to tie and Twitch together

All that needs to be done to get drops is to enter your account and click the link to connect to Twitch.
Then the players will be included in their Twitch account to complete the process and get the right to receive drops.
The players who have already received Wow Twitch awards took this step, but the players who request their first awards will have to do this before getting free things.
It is very simple to tie two accounts together, and this can be done in just a few seconds.
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