Everything You Need To Know About Hogwarts Legacy: What Will Be In The Game And What Wont

If you are looking forward to the release of Hogwarts Legacy, but does not follow all the news about the game, you may not be aware of everything it offers or will definitely not ing in your gameplay.
We at MGG azil decided to create a complete list of everything that will be present in the game so that you have no surprises when purchasing the title.

Hogwarts Legacy-Multiplayer

Hogwarts Legacy is fully single player, without the possibility of online or offline multiplayer (co-op).
This can be sad for fans who would like to interact with witches from other places.
Nothing prevents the developer from deciding to change this in the future if the game sales are profitable and the title will open a margin for refinement and additional content.
Anyway, your RPG adventure will be solo.

Hogwarts Legacy will PVP?

Certainly not.
If there is no possibility to play with other players, it’s impossible to face other players, isn’t it?
Not even offline this option will be available.
However, the game has a system of combat and enhancements of spells, as well as many wizards to face in duels, whether a competition or even a battle for your life.

Hogwarts Legacy will have Quidditch?

The title does not have Quidditch.
According to the history of the game, the director banned the sport.

You will be able to fly from a oom around the world, including the Hogwarts court, and you can wear the uniforms of your home.


Considering that it is something fans want a lot, a future DLC is not out of the question.
Although it is still too early to determine something, the developer may already be thinking about additional content.

Hogwarts Legacy has dark magic?

Yes, you can become a dark wizard and even learn the three unforgivable curses.
That is, it will literally kill your enemies with mischievous Cedar if you wish.
It has not yet been explicit if this will affect your story and your way, as a moral compass, because it seems that you can learn the three curses and still be a good wizard, that is, what you decide to do with that power is
that will define your path as a wizard of darkness or not.

Magic beasts in Hogwarts Legacy?

Not only will the game have several magic creatures, but there are specific missions in which you need to rescue them.
In addition, you can take care of them in the precise room and some will serve as a mount, such as hypocrisy or Stalin.
Taking advantage of the cue, there will also be a range of magic items, including potions and plants, such as the famous mandrake, which can be used to stun enemies with their screams.

Death relics

They will be present in the game, and you can use them.
One of the PS4 and PS5 trophies concern them.
It is not known how it will work, as it may be something in an animation or even too unique, but there is also the possibility of being usable items like any others.
Hard to imagine how we will use the philosopher’s stone, but the cover of invisibility and wand of wands fits perfectly with the Hogwarts Legacy and its gameplay proposal.

Summary of what will or will not be present in Hogwarts Legacy

will be present in the game

  • Magic beasts, potions, herbs and other usable items
  • Must Curses
  • Choice of paths (being of darkness or not)
  • House choice
  • More than 100 secondary missions
  • Possibility of flying from a oom or in some magic creature
  • Improvement of fetes
  • Equipment improvement
  • Hogwarts classes
  • Mini-games
  • More than 20 spells
  • Visual exchange
  • Open World Exploration (Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, Black Forest and More)
  • Flu dust trip
  • Death relics

will not be present in the game

  • Multiplayer Online
  • Multiplayer offline
  • PVP
  • Quidditch

Things that can be present in the game

  • Secret chamber
  • Albus Dumbledore