Everything You Need To Know About Buzz awl Stars: Tips, Attacks and More

awl Stars has several playable characters.
On the production date of this text, the game has 64 awlers.
After we talk about Fang, it’s time for the Buzz Guide, a character that has a Just Cause Style Hook!
Buzz is a non-linear short coup awler.
The character’s big differential is the launch of the buoy, which allows you to quickly move through the map and stun enemies near the landing zone.
See how to play by buzz and what are the attacks, accessories and star powers that awler Bay launcher has in awl Stars!

Buzz: Attack and Super

Attack: Metadata

Buzz gives five quick archery slaps.
Damage: 630 each slap (at level 11)
Range: Short (2.67)
Recharge Speed: Very fast (1)

Super: buoy thrush

Buzz throws your buoy. If you hit an opponent or wall, Buzz pulls up there, stunning the enemies near where he stops.
Duration of stunning: from 0.5 to 1.5
Range: very long (10)
Attack loading: 10%

Buzz: Accessories are unlocked when buzz reaches level 7 and can be purchased with coins.

It is only possible to ing one accessory in each match.

reserve float

  • Carries the Super Bar, but the next torpedo of the torpedo does not stun the opponents.
  • Uses per match: 3.

X-ray glasses

  • Buzz can see inside bushes in the super loading area for 12 seconds.
  • Uses per match: 3.

Buzz: Star Power

Star powers are unlocked when buzz reaches level 9 and can be purchased with coins.

Like accessories, it is only possible to ing star power in each match.

Torpedo do Torpedo

  • The minimum duration of the buzz super stunning increases by 0.5 second.

Polarized glasses

  • Super range area increases by 33%.

Buzz: General gameplay tips

  • Buzz can stun several enemies if they are crowded.
  • Buzz attacks are short and played clockwise.
    Watch out for it to move awler while shooting.
  • Always have the ult kept to escape a body-to-body combat in which you are losing.
  • Super is fantastic to move, but Buzz is not immune during the way, so be careful wherever it goes.
  • As the reserve float accessory does not cause stunning, prefer to use it to escape fighting.
  • Prefer to play buzz on closed, small maps and with various obstacles to use the buoy throw more effectively.


  • X-ray glasses leaves buzz well on maps with many shrubs.