How to get your friends gifts in Pokemon Go


Have you ever wanted to give your friends something special while playing Pokémon Go? Good news – now you can! With the new Pokémon Go update, you can now receive gifts from your buddy that are sure to put a smile on their face. Read on to learn more about how to get these special gifts from your Pokémon Buddy!

You are fortunate enough to receive gifts from them when you reach the big sweetheart with your Pokémon Buddy picked in Pokémon Go.
Ensure you have the 2nd heart under their name when you consult their friend profile before attempting to search for gifts.
Your partner will discover these gifts at random while you explore the world.
To ensure they are lucky to find them, you must make certain that their stomach is full in the lower left corner of your screen.
If it is empty, you will not see them fly around your coach avatar, and you will need to offer them berries.
You will see a small gift wrapped under their pal’s avatar on the good friend’s profile page.
To receive the gift, you should play with them in AR mode.
Your Pokémon should have one right away offered so that you can unload it when you reach the status of a huge boyfriend for the very first time.
Articles inside these gifts vary in between berries and beneficial potions or perhaps relive.
Lots of editors think that you can only get one good friend’s present daily, a bit like any other friend who can just send you one daily.
You might get numerous gifts since you can get 20 gifts per day from all your friends if you have numerous Pokémon with the row big partner or remarkable.
The system can work in the same method, but this is not confirmed.

There are methods to rapidly increase the rank of your boyfriend, like making him excited or offering him a coffin.
You will need to hang around with your boyfriend and strengthen your relationships with him.